ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pen Becomes Amazon Bestseller in Two Different Categories

ChalkTastic’s flagship product Chalk Marker Pen has recently emerged as an Amazon bestseller in two different categories. It has also received over eighteen hundred reviews from satisfied users.

25th October, 2016 – ChalkTastic is pleased to share the highly creditable feat of their flagship product Chalk Marker Pen Set. Official sources have revealed that these chalk markers are currently the number two Amazon bestseller in the product categories of Chalk and Stencil Ink. Released just over a year ago, this product has received a groundbreaking response from the shoppers at It currently boasts of nearly nineteen hundred Amazon reviews, with over ninety-five percent positive feedback. ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pen can be purchased at for a discounted price of $13.97 only.

ChalkTastic is known to maintain stringent quality standards while manufacturing their products and the same were adhered to for their chalk pens. These markers contain a liquid ink that is free from toxic materials, dust, and odor. The high concentration of the ink ensures bright and vibrant colors even after prolonged use of the markers. The product has been used by hundreds of people to write on all types of non-porous surfaces. Some of the common uses of the product include home decor, kids’ art, car window decoration, marking dates on containers, and much more. Many teachers prefer using these markers because the product’s bright neon colors make for great visible explanations and student attention.

In a recently published Amazon review, an impressed user mentions, “These are wonderful, vibrant colors! I have used them on chalk and glass (window) and they look amazing. Very bright and dynamic. They are easy to use and don’t smudge easily, you have to use a wet cloth to wipe it off. To start, you have to hold the tip down for several minutes, but once the color gets flowing it’s perfect. I would highly recommend these to others. I will be using them for many different projects.” 

Highlighting the product’s successful journey at, a senior official from ChalkTastic said, “This product has always done well to grab the attention of the Amazon shoppers. Now, having reached the top position in two different product categories, we are deeply focused on maintaining the quality that has helped us reach this point.”

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