Hardtail Bikes Are Great For All-Terrain Riding

Riding a bike is one of the most common and popular ways to enjoy the great outdoors, whilst maintaining your health and fitness and also having fun with family and friends.

With so many different types of bike to buy and with so many options for frames, suspension types etc., finding the right type of bike for you can be challenging at best.

The experts at RSD bikes, founded in 2012, have been extolling the virtues of their range of hardtail bikes.

“Many people may already ride a hardtail bike and not know what it is. We feel that hardtail bikes are one of the best options for beginning cyclists,” stated a company spokesperson.

“Hardtail bikes are great for all-terrain riding, and so are very versatile and suitable for a wide range of riders. Hardtail bikes are different from bikes with a full suspension in that they have no shock on the rear, and at the front they will have a front suspension or rigid forks, depending on the requirements of the rider”.

“We find that riders who are purists enjoy the benefits of a hardtail bike rather than the more forgiving ride of a full-suspension bike” continued the spokesperson.

“Hardtail bikes are often good choices for beginner cyclists as they tend to be lighter, making them easier to cycle around with, and cheaper, making them more cost-effective than their full-suspension rivals”.

“We have a range of different hardtail bikes with either aluminium or chromoly frames, and we are currently developing further models in chromoly or even titanium, for extra lightness. Each frame is handmade for extra quality, and we are always looking to improve our bikes, either through improved design or the latest heat treatment and CNC-machinery techniques and options”.

“At RSD Bikes, we are all cyclists ourselves, so we know what it is like to ride our bikes through the towns, cities and beautiful countryside of Ontario and occasionally British Columbia. This means that you can ensure that our hardtail bikes are heavily road tested and ready for you to just get out and enjoy. We can advise on any custom options or special features that you may be after to personalise your RSD Bikes hardtail bike”.

About RSD Bikes

RSD bikes is a mountain bike manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada. Specialising in the hardtail mountain bikes that they have been riding themselves for about 25 years, all bikes manufactured by RSD bikes are designed and built from scratch according to their own designs that have been honed and perfected over time, built in their specialist Taiwanese plant.

With an emphasis on customer service and meeting the needs and requirements of their customers, from small accessories to custom-made bikes, their reputation is second to none in the region for excellence and quality.

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