Brock Flagstad Speaks Out Regarding Entrepreneurship and Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Brock Flagstad shared what he has learned in his years as an entrepreneur at a recent one on one interview.

Thrive Global recently featured Brock Flagstad in a recent one on one interview on July 2, 2020 at Chicago, Illinois, United States. Brock shared his experiences and some of the knowledge he has been able to acquire throughout his career as an entrepreneur. He added how the COVID-19 pandemic has made impacts in his life and how it has affected his whole workforce positively.

Flagstad who is the CEO of Channel Clarity which is a lead generation company has more than 15 years of experience in building, leading and growing companies. He is also a B.S. degree holder from the Miami University.

In the interview by Thrive Global, he shared with the reporter the importance of doing what you love and passionate about rather than doing a type of work that makes you feel and look miserable.

Brock also explained how the pandemic has affected his life and workforce positively. He said regular workdays have become deconstructed. The new model of working is now working with blocks of time, dividing days between work, home and family obligations which is different from the normal 9-5 job. Brock did not leave the biggest lesson life has taught him.

“Business is about people, whether it is your employees or your customers. As you focus on building a team, you need individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives”.

Brock added the need for some people with different perspectives to challenge ideas. Such people should be recruited and trained for them to become part of the business and become more effective. Opportunities should also be given to people for opportunities and advancement.

About Brock Flagstad

Brock is a serial entrepreneur from Chicago Illinois ad is a specialty in customer acquisition. He studied in Miami University and majored in Finance and minored in International Marketing where he badged a B.S. he has more than 15 years of experience building, leading, and growing companies. He is the CEO and founder of Channel Charity which is a lead generation company. Aside all of these, he owns Oxford Tax Partners, Oxford Media and Oxford Insurance Partners. He is a top-performing professional with proven presentation, negotiation and closing abilities. To grow revenue, he delivered proven tract consistent contributions, increasing company productivity and efficiency, sales training/development and successful customer relationship management.

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