David Kang launches Prosperity Trading to educate stock traders worldwide

Stock trading guru, David Kang, records massive success with over 10,000 successful students from his stock trading school, Prosperity Trading

David Kang is a world-renowned stock trader that started recording success at a relatively young age. David discovered stock trading as a teenager, following a discussion between his classmates. He followed through with their advice to check out StockTwits. The free app has been described as the Twitter for traders and investors and after taking a trade that generated a $300 profit in 30 minutes, David knew the time had come to do it fulltime. The stock trader struggled at school while his money was pilling up. He eventually launched Prosperity Trading to share his strategies as well as other trading resources with traders that are struggling to make profits. 

Prosperity Trading has become a success, graduating more than 10,000 successful traders and helping to turn their fortunes around in the world of stock trading. David has seemingly achieved his aim for launching Prosperity Trading based on the success achieved. When he was asked about the primary goal of starting Prosperity Trading, David stated, “It will help them become educated traders who will have the knowledge and skill to become a consistently profitable trader in the stock market. It will also help them to learn about themselves more than anything. For example, a lot of people start to realize that they are not as disciplined as they thought they were through trading, or how greedy they may be. The stock market shows human behavior in the price action in our screens.” 

It will help you to master to control your fear, greed, and many more human emotions/behaviors with discipline and consistency. Once you learn how to master this, you will master trading and many other things in life. How you do one thing is how you do everything. Through trading stocks, I have learned many things about myself that I would never have found out. Lots of trial and errors and testing, but after getting through all of that it is so rewarding. Stock trading not only has changed me financially but how I do everything in life,” David continued.

It has been a rollercoaster experience for David as an individual. However, the passionate trader has been able to turn things around successfully, thanks to stock trading.

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