An interview with David Cherner, Co-founder and CEO of YOL, to better understand the secret sauce of their success.

What is YOL

YOL is a corporate learning and wellbeing company. YOL delivers transformative learning experiences that blend wellbeing training and immersive, mindfulness-based service engagement as a foundation for highly impactful leadership development.

Drawing on evidence-based science, YOL’s programs are offered online, offline, on-site and off-site, and designed to elevate compassion, performance, and productivity.

In addition, YOL works hand in hand with local community-based organizations and NGOs on issues of poverty, health and environmental preservation.

An Interview with YOL CEO, David Cherner 

To better understand the success of this great company, Media Coverage has recently asked some questions to YOL CEO, David Cherner.

Q: What differentiates YOL from competitors?

A: We compete with a number of corporate training and development companies, wellness providers, and corporate events and experiences vendors. What distinguishes us are three things: 1) our Mindful Service curriculum and philosophy, which is embedded in almost everything we do, (2) how we integrate each of our core programmatic elements (somatic training, service engagement, and leadership development), and (3) our amazing team of world-class experience leaders, seasoned facilitators and human capital experts. Everybody is passionate and committed to helping teams perform their best and achieve great results.

Q: What problems YOL solves?

A: Align diverse and distributed teams; improve team performance, productivity, and wellbeing; inspire better teamwork and agility; connect CSR and impact initiatives with learning programs; accelerate the development of high potential and high-performing talent; and prepare the next generation of women in leadership, among other use cases.

Q: What Are Your 3 Biggest Accomplishments as YOL CEO?


  1. Successfully pivoting the company over the last 6 months to offer a series of wellbeing programs for intact teams working from home since COVID. Since we launched the programs over the summer, we’ve been able to work with some amazing companies and been able to see real, quantifiable impact.
  2. Building a tremendous team of facilitators and experience leads who ensure that we consistently deliver powerful and transformative learning experiences all over in the world, and now virtually too.
  3. Bootstrapping the company completely and being able to work with a great team doing work that I love that makes a difference.

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