An interview with Sally Kirchell, CEO of BLUE HORIZON PRINTS to better understand the secret sauce of their success


Blue Horizon Prints are a premium quality seller of canvas prints & wall Art photos on canvas. We offer a great variety of canvas wall art based products such as Stretched Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Floating Framed prints as well as Archival Paper Prints and Wall Decals, we have art for any modern living room space, every taste and for any room in the house.

The online gallery has more than 4000 unique artworks to choose from, the enormous selection of wall art canvas prints ranges from Pop Art, Vintage Movie Posters, Modern Art Prints, Abstract Art, Panoramic Prints and Bus and Tram Scrolls, classical favourites by artists such as Monet, Klimt, Renoir and Typographic Personalised Art in our Online Art Gallery.

We specialise in offering our customers the largest range of personalised word art in Australia, choose from more than 100 stunning designs for every conceivable occasion from birthdays to weddings, retirement gifts or even sports coach gift ideas, we have something for everyone and every occasion.

Blue Horizon Prints online art printing service offers you the opportunity to upload your canvas image photos so that we can print your photo onto a canvas in a choice of styles, these include pop art, for example, the bright and cheery Andy Warhol pop art styles or Street art prints by Banksy or our new photo canvas collage prints.

There is an enormous collection of art on canvas prints ranging from pop art, modern art, abstract art, Blue Horizon Images, New York panoramic prints and bus and tram scrolls and tram banners in our store. The tram scrolls can be fully customised to our customer’s requirements making perfect gift ideas, the ultimate in personalised art.

We pride ourselves on offering the best quality canvas art prints in Australia with unbeatable quality at the lowest prices for comparable quality and with printing shops in Sydney, NSW and Noosa, QLD we offer a FAST DELIVERY to ANYWHERE in AUSTRALIA.

An Interview with BLUE HORIZON PRINTS CEO Sally Kirchell 

To better understand the success of this great company, Media Coverage has recently asked some questions to BLUE HORIZON PRINTS CEO Sally Kirchell.

Q: What differentiates BLUE HORIZON PRINTS from competitors?

A: I would say our main point of difference is our flexibility, right from the foundation of the company we made it a policy to never be too rigid with our direction, we have a number of strong company directives such as the focus on offering the best quality art for the most competitive price for comparative quality combined with a strong focus on customer service, however in terms of our offering, we have actually made a couple of pivots throughout the history of the company that have been vital to the success of the company as a whole.

Q: What problems BLUE HORIZON PRINTS solves?

A: In an ever more global market, it’s becoming easier and easier for just about anyone to set up a website and start reselling artwork printed overseas, unfortunately, but not always, the quality of the product manufactured in countries like China is not terribly high, the focus in these manufacturing plants is always on mass production as opposed to providing the customer with the best possible quality for their money.

In response to this increasing import of the artwork from China and India, we decided to instead of fighting it, to embrace the fact that we manufacture locally, our Noosa print facility has a team of dedicated staff, often working around the clock to make sure that we can fulfil the local orders without any loss of quality.

Myself and my colleague Peter are often seen personally checking individual orders to make sure they are exactly what the customer expects to receive.

Q: What Are Your 3 Biggest Accomplishments as BLUE HORIZON PRINTS CEO?

A: For any CEO, I would have to say it’s the growth and success of the company, going from where we started, to where we are now. We started out as a very small company on a fairly tight budget but the fact that we are a small company allowed us to focus very strongly on the customer alongside allowing us to respond to customer demand for very specific products are not stick to rigidly to a firm business plan.

Secondly, on a more personal level, I would say the ability to maintain a balance between running a successful company while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for me one of the secrets to longevity is keeping this balance, in order avoiding any burnout.

Lastly it has to be the fact that I’ve managed surround myself with a great team, our staff turnover is almost negligible, once someone comes on board and joins the family, they tend to be in it for the long haul, I believe keeping a strong team around us is essential in maintaining a successful business, especially in tough times such as the current Covid-19 market.

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