Curacubby Presenting Advanced School Management Systems to Ensure a Smooth Flow of Education after Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic left a great impact on our life. It has been more than eight months that we are following typical social distancing measures. Most of the employees are working from home and the educational institutions are locked for indefinite times.

Stats reveal that there are almost 674,332 child care programs that are actively working in the United States in past few years. They employ around 1.5 million workers while generating yearly revenue of $47.5 billion. However, the Covid-19 pandemic caused the closure of schools, child care programs, and other educational premises for a long time.

Many state governments are now planning to reopen schools with specific safety measures; however, many others are following distance learning programs in response to the pandemic. In this scenario, Curacubby took responsibility to design some engaging and advanced administrative software to make education management easier for schools and colleges. This software can be used for easy enrolment of new batches and to manage the payment and billing information for new admissions.

The experienced teams at Curacubby developed some reliable systems for organizational planning and school management along with interactive webinars and courses to train the associated teams. You may find several resources on their platform that is working as a source of PD for the school administration. The business was also featured in NYTimes recently for their great work in this direction. Other than this, they also took a survey on child care facilities during this pandemic which is believed to be the largest survey to date.

Curacubby has recently launched a touchless check-in kiosk along with a customizable donation portal for schools. In the future, they are also planning to launch a parent-teacher communication app along with a compliance checker to meet the school reopening guidelines after a pandemic. In short, Curacubby has given new scopes to the education sector with its technology-rich tools, administrative, and teaching practices. The advanced digital attendance tools, online communication apps, and child care management software can help to streamline operations across schools.

About Curacubby:

Curacubby was formed in the year 2016 and these professionals are making effort to transform the way schools and different childcare centers handle payments, billing, recordkeeping, and registration process. They are serving many private and government schools with whole-child care programs to ensure enhanced quality of administrative management. The complete online school management system from Curacubby handles billing, enrolment, payment processing, and revenue tracking with ease. It further automates late fees, email communications, while adhering to the highest data protection and security standards in the education industry.

In order to know more about their ideas and programs, Media Coverage has recently asked a few questions to the experts at Curacubby:

Q. What inspired you to design such an advanced payment processing system for schools?

The system came from necessity. While serving as a parent co-founder of a school for children with Autism, I searched for an affordable and simple payment processing software to address cash flow and AR issues. Unfortunately, nothing on the market was suitable for our needs, so we set out to develop our own.

Q. How do your administrative management tools help schools during a pandemic?

We are the only company to provide an affordable end-to-end solution, giving schools software tools to adapt to the ever-changing environments we are experiencing. Our software suite includes: 

  • Online enrollment management.
  • Donations and fundraising.
  • Touchless attendance kiosk.
  • Mobile payments processing.
  • Advanced communications tools.

Q. How friendly are your systems are for beginners?

Our customers often rave about how simple and easy-to-use our system is. We continue to take user feedback to increase usability and positive user experience. 

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