An ailing Fawn Chanette, launches a kickstarter campaign to help her complete and record her three EP CDs

January 12th, 2018 – Fawn Chanette, an ailing artist is appealing for funds to help her complete and release her three EP CDs. Through crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter, Chanette is hoping to raise $20,000 within the next three weeks. Fawn says a huge budget stands between her and releasing the previously recorded music. She needs the funds for song mastering, artwork, CD duplication, packaging, distribution and marketing. She promises a lot of gifts for the persons who will back her campaign.

The giveaways include song downloads, CD bundles, small, medium and large merchandise bundles, Artwork bundles among others. Fawn Chanette also plans to go back into the studio and complete the full production of an EP called RUN, it was recorded and released in 2002 with 2018 release being titled Run Revisited. If all things goes as per the plan, she promises to have the EP released in April 2018 with the audio downloads and CD shipments being available before the official release date.

Chanette has been battling multiple rare diseases that almost led to loss of her vocals five years ago. Her illness led to chronic brain and spinal cord inflammations and later a stroke.  While on a surgical table she made a commitment to her mother and God that if she came out able to walk, talk, sing and play guitar she would soldier through the chronic illness with more grit and determination to fulfil her purpose in life. Chanette still believes she will go into full remission. Although her vocals are not yet back to full capacity she believes that with physiotherapy and vocal therapy she will realize her dream and fulfil her promise to her mother and God.

Chanette is grateful for the assistance accorded to her adding that it has been a treacherous road but feels blessed to be here and able to create this great project.

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