Ipe Woods USA, President of company helps unload Ipe decking, discusses deck clip systems.

What is the Best Hidden Ipe Fastener System?

Recently the president of Ipe Woods USA, Steven Rossi surprised a customer when he showed up to a job site and helped unload the customers Ipe order. Taking the time to show the customer, Scott, the new recommended Camo Ipe Fastener system and discuss the best systems and why.

Currently there are 3 primary systems recommended for securing a deck using hidden fasteners. All of the most common systems have their benefits and drawbacks. In showing the recommended methods he was able to show why Ipe Woods USA uses the Camo line as their go to recommendation.

Ipe is a special wood, this is because of its natural characteristics. Which include being one of the strongest and densest woods in the world. When looking into hidden fastening systems for your deck, you have to realize that most methods require pre-drilling. While pre-drilling is not terrible to do, it adds time to the installation process. This is the reason they use Camo clips and the Camo Edge Fastening system.

Camo Clips:

  • Screw directly into joist(s)
  • For use with pre-grooved boards only
  • Require no pre-drilling in Ipe
  • Faster Installation than methods requiring pre drilling
  • Talons provide grip into the Ipe

Camo Edge Fastening System:

  • No clips required
  • Cheapest way for hidden fastening system
  • Boards can be removed without starting over from edge
  • Does not need pre-drilling (still recommended for amateur installers)
  • For use with eased-edge boards saving money of pre-grooving boards

Ipe Clips by Deckwise (Ipe Woods USA is not Affiliated)

  • Requires pre-drilling in the edge of each Ipe board on every clip
  • For use with pre-grooved boards only
  • Screws go through Ipe into joist(s)

In summary, the fastest and least expensive way to install a hidden deck fastening system is really the Camo Edge Fastening system. You save the money on not only the boards, but you also save money on the clips. However Camo clips are also nice as they require no pre-drilling and the clips stay lower on the boards.

After showing Scott all of these options and unloading the wood. It so happened that that the projects General Contractor showed up and said he had used the Camo Edge Fastening System before. No matter what you choose to secure your Ipe deck, just know that you choice of Ipe material was the best choice you could have made. Ipe is world renowned as the best choice in decking, siding and fencing. You can not go wrong with FAS quality Ipe woods.

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