Seasoned Children’s Author & A Devoted Mother Of Five Publishes Another Inspiring Book For Children

Denise Watson Is Back With Another Amazing Book For Children & It Is Now Available On Amazon Worldwide

London, England, UK – January 12, 2018 – Seasoned author Denise Watson has proudly announced the release of her latest book for children called ‘Logan.’ It is an illustrated book by Denise, who is also a mother of five adorable children and she is welcoming parents and teachers from around the world to get this book for their children.

Illustrated by Steve Callaghan and dedicated to Denise’s granddaughter Logan Marie Steele, the first volume of this book is now available in stock on Amazon in a paperback edition and it is already getting a phenomenal response.

“Logan is a wonderful, creative, inquisitive child that explains the world through the eyes of a preschooler,” said Denise Watson, while introducing the central character of her new book. “She contemplates her family life and all its complexities in a funny, matter-of-fact way,” she added. According to Denise, The Logan series looks at family life, new additions to the family, and how families adjust to accommodate such changes.

Born in October 1973 in Islington, North London, England, Denise started her working life in the financial sector. She is also a devoted mother of five, a psychology student and a firm believer in storytelling. She released the first book in the Mr. Snowy series in November 2013 followed Mr. Snowy at the Park was released in December 2016. Both of these books are also available on Amazon. Logan is the first book in The Logan Series comprising of four books.

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