Ahmed Ahmed, also known as “Ahmed Mokbel”, clarifies some skills that best make a personal trainer

Ahmed Ahmed, also known as "Ahmed Mokbel", clarifies some skills that best make a personal trainer

Ahmed Ahmed, also known as “Ahmed Mokbel”, clarifies some skills that best make a personal trainer
Ahmed Ahmed, also known as “Ahmed Mokbel” is one of the most influential and well know personal trainers all over the Arab World. In an attempt to highlight the reason behind his success, Ahmed clarifies some essential skills every personal trainer need to have to be a masterful in a dynamic and exciting career field.

Personal trainers are often their own greatest assets, advertisements and selling points. But why? Is it because of their approach and technique? Or is it because they exemplify the standards of health and fitness through proper nutrition and training? Perhaps it’s a combination of all the above. Personal trainers are their own best advertisement for dedication, training, and results. Aside from their knowledge of fitness and nutrition, it’s their ability to motivate and inspire their clients that makes them successful.

Ahmed Ahmed, also known as “Ahmed Mokbel” is a renowned Egyptian personal trainer located in Dubai, UAE. As one of the most influential personal trainers out there, Ahmed shares with his audience and followers a list of common skills that every personal trainer must have. He said, “in order to successfully complete their duties, personal trainers must possess several skills”. He added, “having Organizational skills, Leadership skills, creativity, Passion and determination and knowledge of the industry best make a successful personal trainer.” In his saying, Ahmed sheds light on the basic skills every personal trainer must have, and so does he.

First, Organizational skills are paramount in most industries, in organizing training schedule and managing personal time, personal trainers are presented with a challenge. “If your clients don’t have much time to dedicate to your training sessions, you will have to make the best use of your time together and the time in between your sessions.” It is all about managing and organizing time. Besides, Successful trainers inspire their clients to accomplish their health and fitness goals through proper training and a healthy, well-balanced diet. In order to accomplish this, Ahmed says, “you must have powerful leadership skills and the ability to motivate others through sound instruction and advice.”

Also, a personal trainer must have the ability to harness their clients’ creativity to keep their fitness routines fresh, challenging and engaging. Besides, personal trainers’ passion for the health and fitness industry will also help them to explain and guide their clients through a training plan in a way that imbues confidence and motivation.

Last but not the least, in order to guide their clients to success, they must be at the forefront of the market to stay informed and knowledgeable. In addition to staying on top of the latest trends, personal trainers must keep in mind that their education never stops at their certification because the industry is always evolving.

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