Olta Baraj, one of the best luxury travel influencers of her age

Olta Baraj, one of the best luxury travel influencers of her age

Olta Baraj, one of the best luxury travel influencers of her age
Olta Baraj covers a lifestyle, fashion, beauty and more while also having a fantastic Luxury Travel section. Her passion and curiosity to explore new places and cultures have made her one of the most influential luxury travel bloggers nowadays.

Influencer marketing is on the rise and travel influencers are without a doubt at the forefront. For a lot of people luxury travel is more of their style, they have worked hard and now require a little luxury during their vacations. These Luxury blogs offer tips and information on how to ensure your next trip is as luxurious as you can imagine. They look at Luxury Hotels, Amazing Destinations, Luxury Shopping Guides, World class restaurants and fantastic bars where you let your hair down and enjoy the finer things in life.

When it comes to searching for the next holiday destination, no matter how remote it may be, there is no resource quite like Instagram influencers. Of all Instagram travel influencers, Olta Baraj is ranked up as the most influential and renowned travel influencer of her age. Olta never fails to provide her followers with the best recommendations on hotels, airlines, and activities around the world. She is better known as the luxury travel mom where her blog is mostly specialized in luxury and family travel. She shares highlights and feeds on her social media platform of a life of discovery, travels and encounters with new cultures.

Olta visits the world’s most stylish places and discovers great places to eat, shop, sleep and hang out with her lovely little family. Her husband, Andi, and her two children, Aura and Oen have been always part of her content. She feeds her Instagram with posts with her lovely husband and two angels during their uncountable travels. The visual of a photogenic couple looking all loved up at dreamy locales around the world strikes a chord with the deepest desires for many of her followers: Having the perfect romantic partner to explore the world with.

When scrolling her Instagram account “Olta.photoholic” you will be definitely fascinated by the scenes out there. From heavenly beaches to breathtaking views or luxury hotels, this cute family take us with them in their virtual suitcases on journeys across the globe to live vicariously through their quality content.

To Olta, her blog and Instagram are about inspiring people and connecting travelers with one another. She has travelled to destinations all around the world, putting together destination guides with recommendations and travel tips that are available on her blog.

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