Absolute Maintenance & Consulting Unveils Leading Cause Of Household Leaks

One of the leading causes of household leaks comes from old or faulty angle stops. Angle stops are the shut-off valves placed underneath your sinks, your washer and dryer, or your toilets. In a lot of today’s homes, it is common to find cheaply made and, therefore, poorly installed shut-off values that need to be addressed immediately.

What’s more, if there is any corrosion around your angle stops, then it’s especially important to replace and fix them immediately. At Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, we recommend that every couple of years you have a licensed plumber come out and check everything on the house, including the pipes, the drains, and the water pressure, to make sure there are no issues.

You can even keep an eye on it yourself, and send your local plumber pictures of any possible issues. The minute you see something, snap a photo and ask an expert, or get a quote to get it taken care of. Moreover, take our advice — especially if you’re a new homeowner — plan on getting all the angle stops replaced if they’re old. Guarantee safety in your home from mold, flooding, or worse and have a plumber come in and take care of each angle stop. 

Here are the 4 reasons why you should never put off repairing leaky pipes. In general, it is not safe to put off plumbing problems, and leaky pipes are no exception:

#1.  Mold is a health concern; mold is a big concern for health issues related to indoor air quality. In particular, leaky pipes usually result in mold growth and build-up. Mold is known to cause and trigger allergic responses and respiratory infections. Pipes can be located in your walls, surrounded by dark, non-vented conditions, in which case mold can quickly spread. Mold flourishes in wet and dark areas. However, mold is a pretty simple issue to deal with as long as you catch it before it gets out of hand.

#2. Mold can cause property damage. It doesn’t matter how small the leak. A continuously leaking pipe or angle stop can cause excessive water damage and eventually create costly mold and plumbing issues, among other problems. You’ve probably heard of water damage — water damage companies are everywhere. Severe cases of household water damage occur easily and fast if leaks go unrepaired and undetected.

Be aware. It doesn’t take much for a small leak in a pipe to cause a $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 water damage problem in your home. Larger leaks can also cause foundation issues; or more serious problems if you have a crawl space underneath the house where mold can quickly spread.

If your drywall is crumbling in certain areas, you may have a smaller scale leak. Make sure to contact the experts for free quotes on any small to larger leaks in your plumbing system quickly!

#3. Leaks increase your water bill. Normally, fixing most water leaks will not have a significant impact on your monthly utility bill. However, significant savings can be applied to your water bill annually. If you have a big leak, a recurring leak, or an underground leak, then you might be noticing a significant increase in your water bill lately.

Keep an eye out so you can avoid these unnecessary expenses from happening. If your water bill goes up suddenly, then you need to call a company that does plumbing and leak detection work.

#4. Leaks decrease your property value. Did you know? When you have water damage claims or issues, it decreases your property value. Also, if you have too many insurance claims for leaks in your house, it can hurt your insurance rates or even your insurance standing.

About Absolute Maintenance & Consulting:

Our specialty is water and mold damage. We don’t fix plumbing problems — but we can offer advice to prevent you from having water damage or mold, which is our expertise. We also do mold remediation, water intrusion investigation, water damage clean-up, and repair waterproofing issues.

We’re a family-owned company, serving the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. In every aspect of our work, we use the best quality materials that are natural, eco-friendly, and organic products for cleaning mold when necessary.

If you’ve ever had any significant leaks, call us today — 310-256-2307 — to ask for advice!

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