A Working Knowledge and Proven Processes in Reverse Logistics Can Mean Recouping Losses

For any company, there is always a problem with returned merchandise for one reason or another.  All size companies struggle with this problem, yet do not have a plan at hand on how to deal with this reality.  Companies can just absorb the losses until it significantly impacts the bottom line of revenue, or any managers of the company may not have a working knowledge of reverse logistics

Reliable Transportation Link of Vaughan, ON, has been providing reverse logistics services for years now and has perfected all the processes and procedures necessary to recoup the value of any product that is returned for any reason.  Whether seeking disposal of returned merchandise or products, or whether looking to refurbish and resell them, RTL will be up to the task of either disposal, storage, or salvage of such products and merchandise. 

Reverse logistics is not an easy task as it requires the removal of the products or merchandise from their primary destination and perhaps storing them until refurbishing can be done, or cost-effectively disposing of them.  RTL has always been a premier provider of this type of service but because of the sheer volume of transported goods now, has seen a real need by companies to recover or cut their losses from returns or undeliverable goods. 

Many returned products can be transported to a remanufacturing plant or refurbishing facility and RTL has a working knowledge of the location of such facilities and the ability to transport and/or store the goods until refurbishing or remanufacturing can be decided upon or accomplished cost-effectively for almost every company imaginable.  

RTL goes the extra mile and does also offer the management and resale, if necessary, of returned goods if that is at all feasible and if any client wants RTL to step in and take over this aspect of the science of reverse logistics.  This usually only happens with surplus supplies of goods but is still a difficult type of service to find and that is why RTL does offer it. 

One client said it the best, ‘I had never really thought about refurbishing or remanufacturing returned goods until I spoke with the team at RTL.  I see now I was wasting money by just using a cheap disposal company throughout the years.  While some returns are inevitable, I was sure refurbishing and remanufacturing logistics management services would be too high-priced for me.’

The client continued, ‘RTL gave me cost-effective solutions outside of complete disposal and I will now save a great deal of money on returned goods.  I will be using RTL for all my reverse logistics needs from now on and into the future. RTL does provide disposal services too, so they have now become my one-stop shop for all my reverse logistics needs. I no longer have to question how to avoid losing money or which avenue to take in reverse logistics as RTL is extremely knowledgeable in this field.’

RTL should be consulted on all reverse logistics needs with any returned goods.

About Reliable Transportation Link

Operating out of Vaughan, ON, RTL has been providing the finest in all types of freight delivery, storage, and LTL (Less Than Truckload), services for years to the GTA and North America.  With the increase in delivery and of course, delivery returns and incomplete deliveries, RTL is now providing a greater number of return logistics services.  Their technicians and staff are well trained in this area and can offer clients the most cost-effective methods for each undeliverable or returned delivery of goods. 

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