Less Than a Truckload Transport is Available at Great Savings and with Efficient Delivery

Less Than Truckload (LTL) transport is more in demand than ever, as the costs of Full Truck Load (FTL) can be staggering for many companies.  Waiting to ship until a full truckload is achieved can lead to late deliveries of goods and products. 

Although weights can vary, the average weight of a full truckload is approximately 40000 lbs. which can leave smaller to mid-sized businesses scrambling for ways to deliver on time.   Or companies that provide perishables are under tight deadlines and cannot let the freight delivery wait until a full truckload is achieved. 

RoadLINX, of Woodbridge, ON, specializes in LTL freight shipping and transport. Safety is a priority as well as timeliness of delivery for RoadLINX, and since LTL is best when used with products that can handle other products or goods being transported on top of them, the logistics of an LTL delivery is of utmost priority. 

There is more to LTL delivery services than most clients realize.  Permits can be needed, and of course, wrapping, securing, and handling of all merchandise must be done with the utmost attention to detail.  Perishables especially can many times not be left stored until a full truckload is achieved and this increases the need for LTL freight shipping services.  

Additional benefits of Less Than Truckload are that many different delivery stops can be chosen by one client, without having to contract out to several smaller freight services and trucks.  RoadLinX is also proud of its reputation for pricing accuracy.  Whatever price is quoted initially is what RoadLink will stay with.  Extreme research goes into each delivery discussed therefore the pricing will never vary.  There are no surprise additional costs with RoadLINX. 

As one client raved, “I had difficulty finding a company that could deliver the perishables that I provide that was Less Than Truckload.  Many other companies were over-priced or simply did not offer this type of transport service. Then I found RoadLINX, and now use them regularly as their efficiency and attention to detail make them stand out among freight carriers!” 

Wrapping and securing freight, as well as palletizing and even escort handling services are available through RoadLINX.  This true premiere freight shipping company achieves its reputation from many referrals by returning clientele since a client’s needs are always a priority.  Transporting LTL freight is a science with RoadLINX and this stands out to their clients and has enhanced their reputation for reliable LTL transport throughout the years. 

All types of freight trucks are available from flatbed to reefer trucks so all LTL transport is possible with RoadLINX.  Any company seeking this type of transport should call for a consultation to ensure the safety and affordability of all types of LTL transport.

About RoadLINX

Based in Woodbridge, ON, RoadLINX provides all types of air and land freight delivery but is especially adept at LTL transport which is generally much in demand.  Pricing is affordable and once a quote is given, RoadLINX adheres to their price, as they are very thorough in the initial consultation and assessment of each delivery.  Many other services are also offered and they can wrap, palletize, and secure all freight.  If needed escort services are available also.  There is a chat form on their website for immediate assistance with any inquiries. 

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