ZingFront launches medical 3D AI virtual laboratory in conjunction with National Engineering Research Center for Software Engineering of Peking University

Based on an in-depth study of big data and AI, ZingFront will work with National Engineering Research Center for Software Engineering (National Engineering Research Center for Software Engineering of Peking University) to promote “research and development of medical image reconstruction in 3D virtual education laboratory” in a bid to conduct 3D reconstruction based on medical images, and to offer intuitive and effective guidance for medical anatomy and treatment.

Statistically, by 2025, the world’s total AI market value will reach USD127 billion, 1/5 of which will be contributed by the medical industry. In this regard, domestic capital is mainly invested in the following four fields: virtual assistants, medical images, medical robots, and intelligent health management, among which medical images pool the largest amount of capital, with a highest proportion of 31 %.

The development of medical images is driven by the accumulation of a wide range of patient data such as pathology and genes, as well as the technical capabilities of AI in-depth learning, computer vision, model restoration, etc. Currently, there are still difficulties in the implementation of products, but its scientific research and market value are huge. To solve this problem, Zingfront and National Engineering Research Center for Software Engineering will focus on reconstruction of 3D medical images through API interface.

The two sides plan to construct imaging for medical scientific research and clinical trials from data dimensions, image recognition, 3D model restoration and other basic layers, bringing a sound solution to doctors, patients and the market, and improving the diagnostic efficiency and service quality of the medical industry.

3D images: Reconstructing cognition of the medical industry

During this R&D process, National Engineering Research Center for Software Engineering will use Unity 3D to output API of Linux and Windows versions, thereby providing a 3D reconstruction interface for ZingFront to input photos, medical images and 3D basic model, and output 3D anatomical model to satisfy anatomy and guidance of bones, chest, lung, liver, kidney, and spleen.

At present, both sides have already established photo material library, medical image samples and 3D basic models. The average response time for 3D reconstruction is expected to be less than 10 seconds, bringing 3D medical images to a breakthrough point and producing practical scheme and scientific research value for “applying AI technology and big data service to the medical industry”.  

Zhao Xiuwen, CEO of ZingFront, said, “Application of Ai in the medical field has just begun. Its future is bright, but the path is arduous. We will continue to apply data algorithms and AI technology in 3D education, medical care and other fields to meet the needs of market upgrading and to exert their great market potential.”

Regarding the two parties to the cooperation

ZingFront is mainly engaged in big data, 3D cloud and creative cloud technology. It upholds the objective of “empowering enterprise creativity”, and aims to make decisions with data, win the market with creativity, and take the lead with video.

Its main products and services include SocialPeta, UnrealFront and Live3D. Also, it employs intelligent technology to enterprises make creative advertising videos, analyze advertising intelligence, operate virtual images, and conduct 3D innovative education. Live3D is a 3D video tool that connects virtual and reality, and mainly uses mixed reality simulation and interactive control to exert its role.

National Engineering Research Center for Software Engineering (hereinafter referred to as the “National Engineering Research Center”) was established in July 1996 under the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission. It is administered by the Ministry of Education, and built by Peking University.

The market-oriented National Engineering Research Center upholds technological innovation and market-driven principles, and combines international advanced technology with China’s national conditions. In this regard, it has successively undertaken a number of national key scientific and technological research projects, including “863” key high-tech research projects, national high-tech industrialization demonstration projects, and key projects of local areas, planning commission, as well as science and technology commission.

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