India Supplying Generic Hepatitis C Medicines at Unmatchable Rates

India is now offering superior quality services in the field of medicine at a nominal rate.

New York, US – August 10, 2018 – Unlike other nations across the globe, India is the only country, which is officially termed as the ‘medical travel world‘. The people can now obtain drugs exclusively for hepatitis C at a reasonable price. It is currently one of the sought after medical tourist destination spots around the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) disclosed the fact that approximately one-hundred and fifty million people residing in each country are suffering from severe hepatitis C. It is estimated that nearly seven lakh people succumb to death followed by chronic liver ailments.

In the majority of the cases, people affected with hepatitis C succeed in curing the ailment. On the other hand, effective treatments are incorporated to cure the people suffering from chronic diseases.

Today Epclusa and Harvoni are some of the top suggested drugs in treating hepatitis C. In the majority of the countries across the globe; the medicine mentioned above is supplied at an exorbitant rate. Take for example, in the United States of America; the estimated treatment cost is about eighty-four thousand dollars. It is also not possible for the insurance companies to pay the expenses unless the patient is found to be affected by chronic ailments.

During April, most of the drug manufacturing companies in India had received patent to produce standard versions of Epclusa and Harvoni. These drugs are widely available in some of the metropolitan cities in India like Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. The total cost to treat hepatitis C is about one thousand dollars, which means approximately seventy thousand rupees in Indian money.

Owing to the availability of the drugs such as Epclusa and Harvoni, mass influxes of people hailing from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan throng India. Dr, D.Singh, SEO of BonHoa Pharmacy–one of the biggest online pharmacy stated that ‘We care India and also care the patients affected with hepatitis C from overseas‘. Dr Nikhil Bondare, an eminent gastroenterologist from Narayana Health City, stated that ‘he is treating about two patients affected with hepatitis C from overseas on a regular basis.’

India now a perfect medical tourist destination spot owing to the abundant supply of this least expensive hepatitis C drugs, the majority of cities in India would capture the attention of countries located around the world.

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