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A big benefit of the internet is making it practical for businesses to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Businesses are now able to take advantage of an always-connected and always-online global market. Businesses of all sizes have been increasingly reliant on internet services, so much so that many cannot afford interruptions on their web operations.

One of the most important systems that keep web operations afloat is web hosting services. Basically, they are the server systems that run websites and make them available for the public through the internet. One can say that they are part of the backbone of the internet. Given how critical they are for businesses, one of their important service quality is uptime availability.

Uptime is the measure of how long they can keep websites available for access and usable. For example, a web hosting service that offers a 99% uptime means the websites it supports will be accessible 99% of the time.

Studies show that most web hosting services offer an average of 99.9% uptime service, with some offering up to 99.97% uptime. That may seem impressive with a 0.03% downtime which seems next to nothing. But doing the numbers will reveal that a 0.03% is equivalent to 2.62 hours in a year. Although this service interruption can be dispersed throughout the year which lessens their impact, it is just as possible that offline time can happen in continuous chunks.

So how bad are web hosting service interruptions to businesses? Service interruptions create different kinds of losses. There are losses from missed revenue opportunities and there are operational losses, just to name a couple. Industry experts estimate that small businesses lose as much as a few thousand dollars a minute while large enterprises involved in high levels of data exchanges and online transactions lose millions with every minute of website unavailability. Losses can be staggering and there have been instances when downtimes have ruined business beyond recovery, especially smaller ones.

And even if a business can take a hit from a massive website downtime, like with larger businesses and enterprises, it’s difficult to fully assess the negative impact to business’s brand. Websites don’t merely function as online business platforms. A website’s original purpose is for marketing and promoting businesses online.

A website is seen as a symbol of a business’s legitimacy, relevance, reliability, and even personality. These attributes affect customer opinions about a company and they heavily influence buying behavior. It’s easy to imagine how downtime can affect a business or company’s reputation.

The way for businesses to minimize the chance of their website going down involves three things.

First, their website must be optimally designed. Websites must be designed to be attractive and yet lightweight so they will load faster with less chance of running errors.

Second, the hosting service must be up to spec, offering above adequate system management and necessary resources, and guaranteeing excellent uptime services.

But no website programming or server system is perfect and downtimes are almost inevitable. So a third action is needed. Businesses have to keep a close watch of their websites’ performance. The sooner businesses are made aware of oncoming website issues, the sooner they can be addressed and resolved. But keeping a round-the-clock minute-by-minute watch is impractical except of course if there’s a separate service for that.

This is where becomes an invaluable help for businesses. is an online provider of website performance and uptime monitoring services. Its detailed but affordable website monitoring service is an indispensable tool for businesses that depend on their websites. uptime monitoring services conduct regularly occurring measurements of all the important website performance statistics. uptime monitoring system measures inbound traffic volume, connection response time, page load times, as well as network performance metrics like pings to servers, tracerouting, and connection latency. conducts its tests from multiple locations around the world to help determine if issues are geographical in nature and provide alternative routing information should the need arise.

Depending on which monitoring package is selected, can provide hour-by-hour or minute-by-minute testing, as well as simultaneously monitoring a handful of websites to a few dozen numbers.

Business owners can now rest easier knowing is watching over their website. They now have the time to focus more on the core aspects of their business.

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