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What is conversion? In online business parlance, conversion is an important performance metric. It is a measure of website visitors partaking desired transactions on a website.

In real-life terms, when a website visitor signs-up on a lead form, shares a page or makes a purchase, those actions count positively to the website’s conversion rate.

Many factors affect website conversion rates. Website design and appearance is an obvious factor. When products for sale are laid out attractively or product search is intuitive and convenient, visitors are more likely to make a purchase. Or when a website is mobile device friendly, visitors are motivated into making purchasing decisions or marketing participation even when they’re viewing the website from their mobile devices.

Great customer service also factors strongly in conversion. Having responsive, knowledgeable, courteous and convenient customer service encourages people to buy web offerings.

But one of the more basic website attributes that affects conversion rate is website load time. This is the time it takes for web pages of a website to pull-up and become usable for visitors. The faster the website, the likelier that visitors will linger around, read content, see what the website is offering, and ultimately, enter into a transaction. The slower the website is to load, the likelier that a visitor will “bounce” out to another site.

How slow is a website load time too slow? According to most studies in website performance analysis, most visitors expect websites to render within 3 to 5 seconds. Visitors expect even shorter render times when websites are viewed from their mobile devices.

Bounce rate is another Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. Any longer then visitors will abandon the website.

According to actual average measurements, at least 25% of visitors bounce if a web page renders for more than 4 seconds, and at least 40% of visitors start leaving if a web page renders pass the 10-second mark. Therefore, a reasonable bounce rate for a website is 25 to 40%. Bounce rates 70% and higher are considered dismal numbers.

So slow load times contribute to high bounce rates. High bounce rates lower visitor retention. Low visitor retention lowers conversion rates. And low conversion rates is bad for business. So what contributes to slow load times? And what can online businesses do to guard against slow load times?

Slow load times are rooted in technical issues. A website that has a large volume of unoptimized images is one common reason. Rendering high-resolution images takes time. JavaScript and other plugin issues can also slow load times. Excessive dynamic content, insufficient caching techniques, and running too many ads require a large amount of resources that slow down rendering. Otherwise, it’s just plain bad coding that makes a website inefficient.

Other reasons why a website would load slowly may have less to do with its programming and more to do with the supporting services needed by the site to run. Sometimes the web hosting service has limited resources in terms of processing speed, memory, and storage. Or probably the web hosting service has poor or failing resource management, like not using a content delivery network or cloud hosting technologies.

Most of the time, website sluggishness rears its ugly head only during administration and operation. Meaning, the website itself has been designed to be lean and responsive while the chosen web hosting provider is up to spec – and yet operational hiccups happen. Sometimes, too often.

So, what does an online businessman do, especially one who wholly depends on his website’s performance to draw in the crowds and encourage participation, engagement, and transactions? He needs to employ a website performance monitoring system to provide himself the necessary performance data for his analytical purposes, as well as an automatic alert should anything go wrong. At the forefront of this monitoring service is YourWebsiteMonitor.

YourWebsiteMonitor is an online website performance monitoring service that regularly and automatically checks website performance. Among its popular website monitoring products, YourWebsiteMonitor offers its Speed Monitoring service. This service provides a comprehensive monitoring and in-depth evaluation of the website’s overall speed performance. And YourWebsiteMonitor means it with the word comprehensive. The Speed Monitoring service measures page load times or the duration of web page rendering.

However, it also monitors a hosts of other metrics such as time to title or the length of time it takes for the title of the website to populate the browser tab; start render time or the time it takes for the first element of the web page to appear, which indicates to a visitor that something is happening; bounce rate, as previously explained; time to interact or the length of time it takes for a clickable element on a web page to become available for use; error rate or the percentage of issues with every web page request; connection time or the time it takes for a browser to connect to the web hosting server; and so on.

YourWebsiteMonitor’s Speed Performance service will give website owners all the information they need to determine if their website is performing within the expected parameters and provide the necessary data to determine any cause of sluggishness or delay.

When it comes to providing online businesses the best chance for success, YourWebsiteMonitor has positioned itself as the expert performance monitoring partner.

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