\”You Select Health Insurance\” Offers Health Insurance Plans Economical Alternative to Obamacare

Washington, DC – Insurance premiums are on the rise for Major Medical Coverage. This has resulted in a new trend in the insurance industry: sale of Indemnity Health Insurance Plans. The coverage offers comprehensive health insurance and up to a 50% reduction in costs compared to the Obamacare Market Place Exchange Plans.

Many clients are already benefiting from the Indemnity Health Insurance Plans since they can be far less expensive than Obamacare and are not subject to Affordable Care Act mandates. Additionally, unlike Exchange plans, they offer ‘first dollar’ coverage. This means benefits are paid before having to meet a deductible. Indemnity plans cover doctor office visits, labs, testing, diagnostic, prescription, inpatient and outpatient benefits, hospitalization, and dental and critical illnesses.

“Our clients tend not to care about maternity coverage or pediatric dental when they can get quality comprehensive benefits at a much more affordable monthly premium,” said Steve Bolton, Enrollment Director at YOU SELECT HEALTH INSURANCE, INC.

YOU SELECT HEALTH INSURANCE offers insurance plans to individuals, families, and small businesses who find Obamacare too expensive or have missed out on open enrollment. The company works on an individual need basis and budget, offering more choices than otherwise available.

Although the insurance plans alone are not ACA compliant, they can be combined with Minimal Essential Coverage plans to offer 100% coverage of wellness and preventive benefits in order to achieve ACA compliance (no tax penalty). Such plans are available at a nominal monthly premium.

These Health Insurance Plans are medically underwritten. Individuals dealing with serious health conditions such as cancer or heart disease may not qualify. Whereas other individuals can certainly benefit from the economical alternative to the Obamacare Market Plan Exchange Plans, which are becoming the country’s high risk health insurance pool.

According to Bolton, “We feel that we are touching all the bases by offering affordable monthly premiums, comprehensive quality coverage and ACA compliance.” These plans are not subject to an Open Enrollment Period. You can enroll at any point during the year.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Steve Bolton at (800) 717-0548 or email at info@insuranceservicesinc.org

Please also visit us at: www.YouSelectHealthInsurance.com

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