Yile Shangyun Robot Technology: Difference Between Americano And Espresso

Many friends may be confused about the difference between Americano and Espresso. Which of the two is better? Today we talk about how to distinguish between Americano and Italian coffee, hoping to help you.

 Espresso refers to the coffee liquid compressed at 9 atmospheres. As the name suggests, it is thicker, bitterer, and oily. Generally, an espresso coffee machine is used to make it. Of course, the coffee brewed by the Moka pot can also be called espresso.


Fancy coffee developed from Espresso

You can draw flowers on it, or you can directly add whipped milk and other condiments to make fancy coffee, such as latte coffee, cappuccino coffee, mocha coffee, etc. provided in cafes, all of which are based on espresso It is prepared by adding different proportions of milk and milk foam, etc. It is either directly brewed or latte coffee or mocha coffee!


Americano coffee, originally refers to Americans who are not used to the strong taste of Europeans, dilute it with hot water on the basis of espresso liquid, called hot Americano coffee. Therefore, the upper layer of traditional American coffee has obvious fat. Except for being light, it largely inherits some characteristics of espresso.

The range of current Americiano

Now American coffee generally refers to clear coffee. You can call it American coffee for both American drip coffee machine and hand pour coffee, including coffee produced by drip filter such as hand pour, which is also one of the current American coffee. , it has become a synonym for clear coffee, it’s just a code name, don’t pay too much attention to it.


 There is a saying in the coffee machine industry: the quality of a coffee machine is whether it can do espresso. All our fresh grind coffee vending machines can make espresso. Just leave us message if you have anything want to know!


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