Xingbang Group: How to connect EVCS to TUYA

1. Add

Turn on Bluetooth and turn on wifi automatic matching

Reconnect the connected pile: press and hold the bottom button for 10 seconds or re-pair the wifi module button

Settings-Current settings: Pile current settings, allowing the maximum current of the charging pile to be 32a

EVC dual charging: TUYA APP needs to be added twice, and there will be two interfaces to control respectively. The maximum current is 32a, which will be distributed to two guns. When one end is full, you need to pull out the gun before the current at the other end rises to 24-26a (the remaining a is reserved for backup)

2. Communication voltage

12V is the communication voltage value, the CP voltage value of the gun head (the small tip on the top left of the gun head)

Line piles only have CP voltage value

3. TUYA charging mode

Timely charging: app selection or side button press 5 times.

ECO (solar mode): After selection, only solar energy is used for charging, and the charging current of the pile is determined by the solar current.

Scheduled charging: You can only set the start time and charging time to save electricity (electricity is cheaper during some periods of time)

4. Charging record

Record charging time, frequency, battery level, and fault conditions.

5. Enter the command

Divided into card number command and home command

1. Home current setting (home command): The factory default value is 99a. If adjustment is needed, the format is home000 with three significant digits. After setting the current, the home value is reduced by 5a to the maximum allowable current for homes and cars.

Card number command: Enter the card number and use the corresponding card to swipe and charge.

reset command: enter “rest” to clear the accumulated power consumption

2. Current setting: pile current setting, allowing the maximum current of the charging pile to be 32a

3. Real-time detection of temperature

When the maximum temperature is 75°C, the current is reduced by half for charging (minimum 8A). Normal current charging can be restored when the temperature reaches below 60°C. An over-temperature fault is reported at 85°C, and the red light is always on. When the temperature drops below 60°C, the fault can be restored by pulling out the gun.

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