World-renowned AI Expert, Andrew Choi Sets His Sight on Higher Grounds

Experienced tech professional, Andrew Choi, continues to enjoy rave reviews as he spreads his reach across different industries.

Andrew Choi is doing extremely well in establishing himself as a force in the global technology solutions industry, with his amazing profile showing just how versatile he is as a professional. Over the years, Andrew has worked across the industry, becoming one of the very few professionals to work as software engineer at 6 big tech companies. His talent has caught the attention of major corporations and tech giants in different parts of the world, including the likes of IBM, Microsoft, and LinkedIn. 

The global IT industry has continued to evolve over the years, amidst the emergence of several solutions from experts as well as brands in different parts of the world. In a related development, there has been an increase in the demand for IT professionals and products, especially in the business world, as more corporations seek to leverage solutions to enhance their operations and achieve improved productivity. Unfortunately, the increasing demand for tech professionals and solutions has not been particularly met with a corresponding level of supply, a narrative Andrew Choi aims to change as a professional and consultant. 

Over the years, Andrew Choi has worked in different capacities in the IT industry, with corporations acknowledging his talent and problem-solving skills to develop groundbreaking solutions. Prior to his current position as a software engineer (Azure / Distributed Systems) in Microsoft, the University of Waterloo graduate worked with Snapchat as a software engineer (data pipeline), where he oversaw constructing real-time streaming applications and retaining publishing and subscription-based streams of records on Apache Kafka. 

Andrew Choi has also worked with IBM and Blackberry, with several qualifications across different fields, including Front End Tech, Languages, Data Engineering, and Environments. 

Otherwise known as the AI evangelist, Andrew Choi has taken his goal of helping as many people and businesses as possible to leverage tech solutions by offering 1:1 consultation to clients. Andrew Choi and his AI team offer Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to clients. 

For more information about Andrew Choi and his works, visit – Andrew can also be found across several social media platforms, including TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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