With Air Freight Shipping Taking Over The Delivery Market, Could Other Methods Of Long-Haul Transport Be A Thing Of The Past?

Air freight shipping is the transportation method of the future, especially for long distance deliveries.

For decades, shipping and delivery was dependenton long-haul trucking services, while air, rail and sea shipping comprised only a small percentage of delivery methods. Due to relatively small shipping capacity and expensive fuel charges, transport by air was often considered a luxury service, and the fees associated with this method reflected this. Times have changed though, and recently the number of air shipments is quickly surpassing other shipping channels. Due to better relationships with air carriers and a decrease in shipping fees, air freight has become one of the most sought after modalities for consumers who need a fast solution to get their goods from one place to the next. Ontario Container Transport is proof of this. Originating from Ontario, Canada, they are now busier than ever and attribute part of the recent increase in demand with trends in online shopping and a demand for faster, almost immediate, shipping means. Expanding their business has been easy in this fast paced, demanding market and they attribute part of their success to the fact that they have excellent relationships with a wide variety of different air carrier companies.

A spokesperson for the company states that “Air freight shipping is the transportation method of the future, especially for long distance deliveries. Meeting this quickly rising demand may be difficult for some in the industry, but having solid connections with all of the different carriers combined with a knowledgeable background in the shipping industry is what’s going to determine who can best meet the client’s needs and therefore who customers trust to handle their shipments and have them delivered on time.”

While other methods of transporting goods will always be necessary to some degree, the current trend is showing that air is the method that consumers are choosing to meet their long-haul delivery needs.

Why are more consumers choosing to ship via air?

Air transport is quickly becoming the number one chosen route for freight shipping and the reasons for this are clear. Air freight shipping:

  • Is one of the fastest ways to move shipments to their final destinations
  • Provides a delivery method that does not pose any weight or size limitations on shipments
  • Is a cost effective means of transport
  • Offers thousands of drop off locations within Canada and the United States
  • Provides temperature controlled transportation for sensitive goods
  • Offers the ability to combine modes of transport for faster and easier door-to-door deliveries

About Ontario Container Transport

Based in Woodbridge, Ontario, Ontario Container Transport specialize in freight transportation services. Although they deal with all methods of shipping transportation, shipping by air has now become one of their most sought after services. With strong connections between all of the different air carriers they are able to offer their clients a vast selection of different shipping options at rates that rival the competition. Ontario Container Transport considers themselves experts in the area of intermodal transportation and offers a wide variety of shipping methods in an attempt to meet the market’s growing need for fast delivery times and efficient shipping.

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