Wings Mobile: Launch of the first Smartphone that Mines Ethereum

“Antonio Milio CEO & Co-Founder of Wings MobilernDaniele Bianchini Chairman & Co-Founder of Wings Mobile.”

“Wings Mobile”, a Spanish virtual mobile operator and manufacturer of innovative smartphones incorporating proprietary technology to guarantee security and privacy, along with “Neobit”, which is a technological startup specialized in protocols and new cryptographic extraction technologies based on blockchain, significantly united in a Joint Technological Venture, acknowledged across the world through ICO BITWINGS; proudly the first ever phone that allows to produce up to 2 Ethereum per month: the Wings 

This new and innovative device grants the Miner up to two Ethereums per month, and, until now is the only mobile terminal that incorporates special software which allows the production of the second most important cryptocurrency in the world.

Wings WX uses POD technology (Proof of Data) which essentially has the potential to mine up to 1,000 Mega Hash, essentially corresponding , for the less technological ones, the vital production of 2 ETH per month. Moreover, the operation is very simple, even for the beginners who step into the world of cryptomining. The WX is connected through a Smart Contract and receives a daily reward according to the mining power that had been previously contracted. Using the DDR (Doppler Data Rate) protocol through an Internet connection and depending on the connection hours, the Ethereums are deposited directly into the customer’s Ethereum wallet. The POD system (Proof of Data) is responsible for generating and creating coins for the user, making it the only system capable of mining by and for the user effortlessly.

Wings has developed a pioneer terminal in the market, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding user. Not only are new users granted the privilege to practise technologies already in use by the Blockchain, but also Wx offers the user all the services offered by the highest-end Smartphone, hence does not only perform cryptocurrency mining. It is manufactured with first quality materials that incorporates the most advanced technology for it. Glass and steel are encarved to give it an elegant and distinguished appearance, while being resistant and durable simultaneously. It also mounts a MediaTek Helio P60 Neuro Pilot 8-core chip that guarantees optimal performance for all your mining functions and special thanks to the latest generation software developed by Wings Mobile, the WX allows you to make completely secure calls, enjoy surfing, chat and in fact everything we can ask a prodigy of technology that is destined to arrive in April 2019 and is predetermined to be the pioneer in a sector that is increasingly widespread in the world of Cryptocurrency and more specifically in Ethereum.

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Its technical characteristics (8 Gb of RAM and 128 of ROM), its autonomy (600 hours in standby and 24 in conversation), its weight (168gr) and the photographic quality comparable to 98 Mpx (through its two cameras of 24 and 16) Mpx and its software developed to achieve such high quality), already guarantee a relevant space in the next Mobile World Congress 2019, to be held in Barcelona (Spain) where Wings mobile will be stationed at Hall 6 presenting all the news of its new Smartphones.

One of the fundamental pillar for Wings Mobile is the security and privacy of its customers and therefore, it integrates the new “Neural Tech” technology that guarantees the possibility of making completely secure encrypted calls, as well as is able to optimize the energy load of the WX in only 45 minutes. This technology immediately recognizes objects and scenes, detects anomalies in the network and also determines the improper use of part of installed applications. The native service “Secure Call 2.0” is able to protect our calls by means of a triple security encryption that makes the VOIP audios that circulate through the Data circuit absolutely impossible to intercept!

The WX makes use of the biometric recognition of the face incorporated in an exclusive technology called “Neural Face ID”, which not only recognizes the legitimate user of the phone, but also allows to simulate the phone menu based on who is using it. To clarify the concept better, if a user is accessing the phone being in the company of another person, the Neural phase ID (of the face) immediately recognizes the presence of the second or third person and, depending on the configuration indicated by the user, shows a menu of different applications according to the configuration established by the user.

Wings WX will be produced in only 40,000 units in limited edition and numbered, with a special price (6,000 BTW) which is exclusive for the participants in the ICO BITWINGS. Projected delivery is in April 2019, and reservations are now available only on the website and also at           

Even before its launch, the WX has become a must-have for the most experienced ones in the world of Cryptocurrency and this opens a door for those who want to enter the Crypto world and their knowledge is effortlessly modest because the WX does it all for them!

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