Edison-V2 collaborates with Devnar School to provide Smart Vision for Visually Challenged

Makers of innovative smart glasses for the blind, Edison-V2, partners with India’s biggest school for the blind, Devnar School, to help ensure the safety of visually impaired students

Vamshi Krishna who is the founder of FIXU Services which was funded by Facebook & KP Investments and recently acquired by Zobit Technologies is now venturing into AI & ML technologies for a social cause with the Edison initiative.

Vamshi Krishna (Co-Founder), Adarsh (Co-Founder)

Edison-V2 is an innovative solution recently introduced by the students from Indian School of Business, with the aim of helping visually impaired to walk safely and smartly on the streets. As part of the goals of the makers of Edison-V2 Smart Vision for Visually Challenged of enhancing the lives of visually impaired persons, Edison-V2 recently tied up with India’s biggest school for the blind, Devnar, which hosts over 500 visually impaired students, providing the students with glasses to make it easier to achieve their goals academically.

The visually impaired are of course faced with several challenges due to their inability to see clearly. While several solutions have been introduced to help their situation and help them live happily and healthily, most of the available solutions have not effectively addressed the needs of this category of people. This is where Edison-V2 is looking to make a huge difference by using technology to make the lives of the visually impaired better.

Edison is basically a smart assistant for visually impaired, designed to help them plays songs and reads books, news, and podcasts from the database. The device also eases walking as it alerts users in case of an obstacle in front of them, subsequently telling them to move aside. Edison can also help users to identify currency, keys, and other such items, particularly when they are in front of them, It also scans books, newspapers, billboards and read them to the user, with amazing features like the description of a scenario from a frame, Helps users understand sign language converting it to speech.

Edison V2 is a capstone project that is focused on building smart glasses for the blind to aid them in daily activities and make them independent in their daily lives. The project is undertaken in partnership with ‘Devnar Foundation for the Blind,’ which has helped the makers of the device to identify the exact challenges faced by the visually impaired in their daily lives and subsequently helping to develop a viable product that can be used use in their daily activities.

The partnership with Devnar is a strategic one, with the foundation being the largest School in India for blind people having more than 500 students. The school will be contributing immensely to the success of the project.

Edison V2 will be coming with excitingly new features and the makers of the device have presented a demo to the organization. The makers of the device are also planning to add other features to the smart glass, while also considering the recommendations of the Devnar Foundation for the Blind.

The team behind the Edison V2 project has also said that they are improvising the prototype and are planning to raise crowd funding considering the tremendous amount of scope it has gotten in recent times.

More information about the Edison ecosystem can be found on their website. Edison is also available across several social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

About Edison

Edison is an innovative ecosystem that is designed to enhance the accessibility to visually impaired people. The Edison platform is designed to integrate smart vision technology into everyday life, making visually challenged more accessible to normal person’s lifestyle across the globe. The made in India initiative consists of an experienced team of AI & ML experts from Indian School of Business Hyderabad.

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