Wills Attorney Christine Matus Releases Essential Guide on New Jersey Will Creation

Wills Attorney Christine Matus Releases Essential Guide on New Jersey Will Creation

In a recent article, Christine Matus (https://matuslaw.com/wills-attorney/), a renowned wills attorney at The Matus Law Group, underscores the critical importance of having a will in New Jersey. With the intent to educate and guide individuals through the intricacies of estate planning, the article illuminates how a well-prepared will can secure one’s legacy and ensure assets are bequeathed as desired.

The article released by wills attorney Christine Matus addresses the potential risks of not having a will, such as the distribution of assets by the court which might not align with the deceased’s wishes. It emphasizes that the team of dedicated wills attorneys at The Matus Law Group is committed to meticulous drafting, execution, and administration of wills. Their experience provides clients with the assurance that their final wishes will be honored.

Having a will in place is more than a legal formality; it’s a cornerstone of a thorough estate plan that delineates an individual’s desires for asset distribution and the care of minor children after their passing. It is crucial to work with a proficient wills attorney to navigate the legal aspects and ensure their future is planned effectively. The Matus Law Group, offers such guidance to help clients prepare for unforeseen life events.

Christine Matus, an attorney with over two decades of experience, has been instrumental in assisting numerous families in estate planning, crafting wills, and establishing trusts. Her article explains that New Jersey law allows for wills to be handwritten or typed, requiring at least two witnesses to be legally binding. It also touches on the importance of the testator’s and executor’s legal competency, which can be particularly contentious in cases of cognitive impairment.

The article further highlights the advantages of entering one’s will into New Jersey’s will registry to facilitate easy access for family and friends posthumously. While registration is not mandatory for a will’s legality, it can simplify the process for loved ones.

In addition to providing peace of mind about asset distribution, creating a will can also prevent potential estate litigation and ensure that the executor is someone who understands and respects the decedent’s wishes. The wills attorneys at Matus Law Group extend their skills to those who seek to protect their assets and ensure their family’s future is secure.

A common misconception dispelled in the article is that wills are only necessary for the wealthy. On the contrary, wills attorney Christine Matus advises that anyone with assets or children should have a valid will to direct asset allocation, appoint guardians for minor children, and make gifts or charitable donations.

For those who already have a will, the article recommends timely updates to reflect life changes such as births, deaths, marriages, or divorces, to ensure that the will remains an accurate reflection of one’s wishes.

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The Matus Law Group has been serving the New Jersey and New York communities for over two decades, providing exceptional legal services in estate planning, wills, and trusts. Their commitment to offering personalized attention to each client’s unique situation sets them apart. With a focus on fostering peace of mind and protecting clients’ legacies, The Matus Law Group remains a trusted name in estate law.


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