Sa’id Salaam, aka Urban Aesop, Debuts The Choices Series with ‘Gang Land’

Sa’id Salaam, aka Urban Aesop, Debuts The Choices Series with ‘Gang Land’
Salaam, who is currently behind bars, wrote ‘Gang Land’ for teens facing tough choices in their lives

Salaam, recognized as Urban Aesop, has penned ‘Gang Land’ specifically for adolescents navigating challenging decisions in their lives.

Despite being incarcerated, Salaam has defied the odds. He has thrived despite being both ADHD as well as on the autism spectrum. All while serving a life sentence for a crime that never even happened. Amidst adversity, he has forged a path that has established him as a prolific contemporary author, having authored over 100 books from within prison walls. Titles that have sold over one million copies to date.


Salaam’s literary works are unfiltered and vivid, portraying urban landscapes in their raw essence. Some of his most acclaimed titles, all accessible on Amazon, include ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’, ‘Pretty Thugs’, and ‘Yolo: The Lovely Little Lunatic’.

Through ‘Gang Land’, Salaam aims to connect with young males and guide them towards making sound life choices. Serving as the inaugural installment in the ‘Choices’ series, the book will be followed by multiple titles depicting characters grappling with complex decision-making scenarios that will shape their destinies and impact those around them.

Inspired by his role as a mentor, Salaam draws from his interactions with young inmates, empathizing with their stories and struggles. His ultimate goal is to empower teenage boys worldwide to make positive choices. The forthcoming stories in the ‘Choices’ series will echo this sentiment, positioning them as essential reads for adolescents.

The official release date for ‘Gang Land’ is set for March 1, 2024. For further updates and information, please visit Sa’id Salaam’s website, Said


Sa’id Salaam, known as Urban Aesop, is a bestselling author who has crafted over 100 titles while incarcerated.


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