Why Quality European Windows Have Such An Attractive Price?

Why Quality European Windows Have Such An Attractive Price?
GL Advanced Windows is a small company, we can’t compete with large corporations that provide products for every taste and budget.

GL Advanced Windows is a small company, we can’t compete with large corporations that provide products for every taste and budget. We decided not to offer regular windows that many brands provide. Specializing in only one type of window, premium quality German style tilt and turn European windows, allows us to keep our customers’ costs low and satisfaction high. Though we have very competitive prices, it is not our main advantage.

1. New Level of Customization

We take into account the project location and requirements, owners’ preferences and needs and optimize our products accordingly. We offer solar heat gain optimization for our European style windows that face different cardinal directions, taking advantage of products’ physical properties. We also have soundproofing options that decrease the amount of outside noise in the building. Our goal is to identify and solve our customers’ problems (evident or hidden) with our cost efficient windows.

2. Visual Transmittance/ Solar Heat Gain Dilemma

We help our customers balance visual transmittance of windows and solar heat gain, keeping it at an optimized level. Large windows with high visual transmittance allow more natural light inside the room but have a high SHGC value which might lead to overheating. Windows with lower SHGC have a lower visual transmittance and lack of natural light can make a room dark. We strive to find a balance between excessive solar heat gain and level of visual transmittance to make rooms comfortable and energy efficient at the same time.

We provide European style windows with SHGC value of 0.07 – 0.6. For northern climates (Zones 6-8) we offer products with higher SHGC value of 0.4-0.6. High SHGC value allows to preserve gained solar heat and save on heating costs. But it can lead to overheating in rooms facing South at the same time. Our goal is to ensure that we maximize the utilization of product properties. So our solution is to offer windows with low SHGC value when they face South in northern regions. We provide a combination of windows with SHGS value of 0.23-0.41 depending on the project specifications. We use two low-e ClimaGuard® Premium2 glass panes instead of one average low-e glass. This allows us to increase the performance of German style windows while maintaining the level of visual transmittance unchanged.

3. Energy Efficiency

Our European style windows outperform many competitors when it comes to R-value. Regular triple pane glass units with one low-e glass have a R-value of 4.9-5.5, depending on the quality of low-e glass. Our regular options incorporate two low-e glasses and we are able to achieve a R-value of 8. For high-end projects, can provide triple windows with R-value 9-10, and quadruple pane windows with R-value of 10-12.

We position glass panes deep inside the frame (30% deeper than competitors) to decrease heat loss through the edge of a glass unit. Large amount of top quality desiccant in the spacer protects glass units from becoming foggy from the inside. Long term durability allows low-e coting to preserve its properties for a longer period of time. All of the above make our tilt and turn windows an ideal choice for residential and commercial projects.

4. Soundproofing

We have different levels of soundproof upgrades as we work with every customer individually. We customize our European style windows to achieve a perfect solution for specific types of noise that people would experience. We provide inexpensive soundproofing upgrades to make our customers’ lives more peaceful and enjoyable. But even without any upgrades, our European triple pane windows are superior in terms of sound insulation to other triple pane windows due to their design and quality materials.

5. Durability

Vinyl European windows are made to serve for 100 years. We provide 25 year limited warranty for our products. Our German style tilt and turn windows and doors with acrylic glass frame Acrycolor® surface coverage have a lifetime warranty. We ensure that Argon filling stays inside for a long time as we use premium composite spacers. We are able to achieve that by incorporating stainless steel back spacer and premium quality sealants. We have special options that can extend the service life of European windows. They increase the usability of  neutral gas compartments for 20+ years, over twice than regular options.

6. Quality Materials

We are able to provide European style windows and doors with excellent performance by ensuring that the materials are meeting the highest standards. For example, we use only Grade A profiles in our products unlike many other companies. They manufacture their products with Grade B profiles which are known to have limited service life cycle especially in the areas with a high sun exposure.

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