Which Kind Of Plastic Material Is Pet Sheet? Where Can It Be Applied?

PET plastic sheet is one type of new plastic product that has been developed in recent years. It is a thermoplastic ring-wrapped plastic product. It is odorless and tasteless after burning and does not produce toxic gas. High transparency, no water ripples, no crystallization point, no directionality, no whiteness, strong oil and chemical resistance, good toughness and rigidity, good impact resistance (low-temperature impact resistance is also good, about 20% higher than PVC).PET has good blocking, high transparency, impact resistance, good cold performance, not easy to be broken; high strength, not afraid of friction, the material performance is relatively good. special PET sheet also has their unique properties: low-temperature heat sealing, high-temperature resistance, anti-static.Products’ advantages:1. Folding resistance, good performance, high impact strength, is several times the ordinary material.2. Not easy to react with other chemicals.3. Water, liquid, edible oil, gas easy to block, not easy to be penetrated.4. Transparent color, anti-UV penetration.5. No smell, non-toxic, can be directly used for food packaging.

PET has good transparency, low specific gravity, good surface gloss, bright color, few crystal dots, and water ripples, strong resistance to impact, chemical resistance, and easy processing and molding characteristics.PET plastic material has good ductility, it has strong isolation, so it will be used in medical treatment, will not penetrate, can isolate the virus, because it is in the post-production in the nano-molecular structure of the stability, can play the role of isolation protection.It can also be applied to other fields as follows,1. Packing: food, drugs, sterile goods packaging film; and some precision instruments, electronic product packaging, large machinery body packaging film, etc.2. Bottle packaging: such as drinking buckets of water, mineral water, beverage bottles, living oil, condiment bottles, daily chemical products, etc.3. Precision instruments for home appliances: such as electronic link lines, integrated circuits, various switch housings, control open housings, TV accessories, etc.4. Chemical industry machinery and equipment: machine parts, chains, frames, etc.

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