When Nature Meets Science: NATUREAL’s Line Of Wellness Solutions Makes A Statement

October, 2016 – Health and Wellness improvement company, NATUREAL, proudly announces the availability of its latest range of natural supplements formulated for helping people achieve sound health, improve wellness, and achieving optimum body performance. Driven by the passion for helping people avoid the health risks associated with obesity, INNAFIT, LLC collaborated with a chemist to enhance their fat loss formula and identified specific herbs and ingredients to complement their comprehensive line of supplement, NATUREAL.

Obesity is a complex health issue to address. Obesity results from a combination of causes and contributing factors, including individual factors such as behavior and genetics. Some of the behaviors leading to obesity include dietary patterns, physical activity, inactivity, medication use, and other exposures. Additional contributing factors in our society include the food and physical activity environment, education and skills, and food marketing and promotion.

Health is the greatest asset, not money or any other measure of wealth. Staying healthy and fit hardly comes without a conscious decision and the right resources. Our product, NATUREAL, has helped hundreds of people attain optimum health and wellness.

At INNAFIT, LLC we produce one of the world’s leading natural fat burner, probiotic, detox, herbal tea, weight loss drops and whey. We have NATUREAL Revert 10.0 which is our proprietary and highly effective fat loss formulae that target multiple sites of the body to prevent storage of fat. Says Tiffani S. Smith, CEO and Founder of NATUREAL

She says further, “If you need to shed off some excess fat and you need it done in a natural way, NATUREAL Probiotic is your best bet. NATUREAL Probiotic which contains 40 billion live colony forming units that help kill candida and bad bacteria residing in the gut. For effective body detoxification, NATUREAL Body Cleanse helps get rid of toxins present and REVERT Drops for turning body fat to energy and increasing overall body metabolism.”

Organic health and wellness solutions are the most sought after worldwide. This is due to the overall safety it offers over other inorganic solutions. INNAFIT’s NATUREAL line of organic wellness solutions is produced in a United States FDA Registered and GMP Certified Facility and tested by a third party lab to ensure the safest and most accurate product.

INNAFIT, LLC also provides scholarships, helping young people achieve the dreams.

For more information about INNAFIT, visit www.natu-real.com

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