Best Selling Face Paint Kit Manufacturer Announces Results Following Super Halloween and Predicts a Great Christmas

Face Paint Kit Manufacturer Bo Buggles Says Quality of paint and Choice of Colors Has Led to Rise in Sales

It is Halloween, (31st October) and tonight millions of children across America will be getting dressed up with their parents to go Trick or treating around the neighbourhood. Many will also be ‘upgrading’ their outfits this year for the first time by the addition of Face paint from the increasingly popular home face painting kits. As the popularity of face painting has increased over the past few years, home kits have become increasingly more popular to the alternative professional face painters.

In a statement today by best selling Face Paint manufacturer Bo Buggles they said that they believed that a rise in the quality of paint and an increase in the choice of colors have been instrumental in the increased popularity of home Face Painting Kits.

A spokesperson for Bo Buggles commented, “In the past few years as face painting has become more popular we have seen good competition in the marketplace for home Face Painting Kits such as our Face painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack and our more recent ‘Super Buggly’ Face Paint Kit. The increase in competition has been a driving force in increasing the quality of materials. This combined with the enormous database of tutorial videos online where even begineers can see the techniques necessary to create the most wonderful designs means that more people than ever are trying face painting for themselves rather than relying on sometimes expensive alternatives.”

The ‘Super Buggly’ Face Paint Kit by Bo Buggles is sold exclusively on Amazon USA.  The Kit contains 14 x 4g colors that are FDA Compliant, Vegan, Paraben & Lead Free. The kit also contain also contains 2 x 10ml glitter gels, 2 brushes, 2 sponges, 1 twin tip applicator, boys & girls stencil sets, plus a bonus E-Book containing instructions for painting 8 face painting designs.

The Face Painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack also contains everything you need to host a party event. There are two variations to choose from that help save time when mixing colors with a purple and pink pack and an orange and brown pack. The orange and brown pack does away with the mixing of colors for favourites like lion and tiger base colors. Each pack contains eight colors in total with 4g color palettes so there is more than enough paint for the party. The packs also contain 2 glitter palettes and 2 brushes, one large, one small as well as 2 application sponges.

Both Kits are available on the Amazon retail platform. The Face Painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack became the #1 Bestseller on Amazon this summer shortly before the company launched the larger ‘Super Buggly’ kit. Both kits have remained popular with an 80% 5 star rating by customers who have purchased the kit.  They can both be purchased at a discounted rate leading up to the Halloween holiday while stocks last.

The spokesperson continued, “On this Halloween we can say that we are extremely pleased with the growth we have achieved and are now looking forward to the Christmas holiday season which we think will be better than ever.”


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