What are the Advantages of Iven Products – Blood Collection Tubes


The vacuum blood collection tube is a kind of disposable negative pressure vacuum glass tube that can realize quantitative blood collection and needs to be used in conjunction with a venous blood collection needle. There are 9 types of vacuum blood collection tubes, which are distinguished by the color of the cap. The vacuum blood collection tube labeling machine is a set of devices that used in the hospital blood collection window with automatic selection of blood collection tubes, automatic printing and pasting of barcode labels with the patient information.

Nowadays, the situation of blood collection in outpatient clinics is complicated. Patients collect blood in a concentrated manner, and the queue time is too long, which is prone to cause unnecessary disputes. It is inevitable that nurses can make mistakes in selecting blood collection tubes and sticking barcodes are not standardized. The system is an intelligent, informationalized and standardized integrated equipment.

In Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech Engineering Co.,Ltd, continuously doing a lot of deep research. The system simplifies the work process, shortening the time of blood collection for patients, increasing the number of blood collection patients in per unit time, improving the crowded waiting and multiple queues of blood collection patients. Moreover, it improves patient satisfaction and perfects the hospital’s information-based digital blood collection management.

According to the blood collection items, intelligently selecting tubes, automatically printing and pasting labels under the premise that the original labels are automatically recognized. And the auto inspection device rejects labeled tube if no label. It avoids manual operation of labels covering the specimen window, wrong selection, missing selection of blood collection tubes and wrong labels. It can effectively improve the efficiency of blood collection, improve patient satisfaction, reduce the occurrence of doctor-patient disputes, and promote the healthy operation during the process of the entire diagnosis and treatment.

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