What Problems Do People Encounter When Using Resin Zippers?

1.Characteristics of Resin Plastic Zipper.

(1) Resin zippers can be used in various occasions, but are generally preferred for pockets of clothing.

(2) Commonly used zippers are painted and sometimes electroplated.

(3) Resin zipper is a polyacetal-based zipper, and its cost is between nylon zipper and metal zipper. Its durability is better than that of metal zippers and nylon zippers.

2. Selection skills of Plastic Zipper Pull.

(1) Selection of the limit code of Resin Teeth Plastic Zipper: the upper and lower blocks must be fastened or clamped on the teeth, and should be firm and perfect.

(2) Choice of resin zipper sliders: There are many shapes of resin zipper sliders. No matter what kind of slider, people should feel whether the slider can be pulled freely, whether it can’t be pulled or closed. The resin sliders sold in the market have self-locking devices, so after the zipper is closed, people need to check whether the zipper will slide after the lock is fixed.

(3) Selection of tapes: Since the raw materials of resin zipper tapes are composed of different types of threads such as polyester threads, sutures, core threads, etc., the weights and colors of these threads are different, and color difference is prone to occur on the same zipper. At this time, when choosing tapes, they should choose uniform dyeing, and tapes of different fabrics mainly feel soft.

(4) Selection of teeth: The metal teeth of the resin zipper are also electroplated and colored, so when purchasing, people must pay attention to whether the surface is evenly electroplated, whether there are colorful flowers, and whether the upper and lower zippers are smooth. After the zipper is closed, observe whether the left and right teeth are engaged. Asymmetrical zipper teeth will definitely affect the use of the zipper.

Applied in shock absorption design, the resin zipper teeth are closely lined up together, and the teeth’s surface is even and smooth, so it is easy to pull the zipper.

Although the zipper is small, it is still useful. Today, zippers are in high demand in other industries, such as clothing and household bags. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different industries, the materials and types of zippers are also increasing. At the same time, customers need to be identified when purchasing.

As the most important and common auxiliary material, zipper has always played a very important role in the field of auxiliary materials. Although it looks ordinary, it is essential. Clothing zipper is one of the application categories of zipper. What problems do we encounter when using Silver Plastic Zipper?

Resin Plastic Zipper3

Resin zipper

1. What problems should be paid attention to when using resin zippers?

(1) When pulling the slider, the force should not be too large;

(2) When using the sleeve and socket, it is recommended to insert the sleeve into the bottom of the socket cavity, and then pull the slider;

(3) For the Resin Zipper Roll on the package, when there are too many things, if the zipper is pulled, the zipper will be subjected to too much force and the teeth will be separated from the belt. Peopleshould bring the left and right teeth of the zipper closer together to allow easy passage of the zipper head, and then slowly close the zipper.


2. When opening and closing the Resin Teeth Plastic Zipper, sometimes the resin zipper head bites the belt or cloth, and the slider cannot be pulled. so what should I do now?

In this case, if people pull hard on the slider, it will bite deeper and deeper. Invert the slider on the one hand and unwind the cloth on the other. When fully bite, don’t pull the slider hard, pull it back slowly.

3. How to deal with the clogging phenomenon of resin zipper?

If the Resin Zipper Roll is clogged, the zipper should be pulled back a certain distance and then pulled forward. Do not pull hard, otherwise the zipper teeth will fall off at an angle.

4. When using the resin zipper, the opening and closing is not smooth, what should I do?

If people pull the slider too hard, the sprockets will engage. At this point, apply paraffin wax or lubricating spray to the surface and inside of the sprockets, and then move the slider a few times until the slip is loose.

5. What should I pay attention to when using resin zipper clothes?

When washing clothes, it is recommended to close the Resin Plastic Zipper. This is the best state of the zipper when washing. This not only prolongs the life of the zipper, but also reduces wear and tear on the inner walls of the washing machine.

6. What should I do if the zipper head of the resin zipper jams the fabric, so that the zipper plate is broken or the zipper cannot be closed?

Use one hand to separate the sticky cloth and pull it to the back. With the other hand, pull the zipper pull forward. Do not use too much force to prevent the Resin Zipper Roll from breaking, then restore the zipper to its original condition. In addition, when sewing, ensure the space of the zipper tape so that the zipper puller can be used smoothly.

7. What problems should be paid attention to for resin zippers used in leather or wool products?

Copper alloy zippers are used for leather products or wool, and should be treated with anti-rust before combining with leather products or wool.

8. If they put dark zippers and light-colored clothes together, it is easy to cause the problem of color transfer printing, how to solve it?

When dark Plastic Zipper Roll and light-colored main material are sealed and stored in the same polyethylene bag, the zipper and main material should be separated by paper to avoid this situation.

Clothing zipper is an auxiliary material with certain powerful functions, which must be used correctly to prolong its service life. Otherwise, it can be easily damaged. When people close a garment zipper, they can’t use a lot of force because it usually exceeds the load that the zipper promises. The quality of Resin Plastic Zipper cloth and slider is mainly distinguished by grade, and its specifications are distinguished by size number. The higher the number, the bigger the specification. Here to remind them, because the teeth on the invisible teeth zipper are electroplated, if they are usually not kept well, they will turn into black stained cloth, sometimes oxidized, so keep a certain ventilation and do not seal. It is also necessary to be careful not to fill with water here, and it is recommended to use moisture-proof paper or a dehumidifier if necessary. If they do it well, they can use it longer.

Our zipper for sewing is true to color and it will surely complement all your craft and sewing projects. Its design is simple and practical, it matches easily your project needs

We usually wear down jackets, jeans and leather jackets with Resin Plastic Zipper. This product is sturdy to use and has many advantages. But if not maintained properly, it can be easily damaged and oxidized. To avoid this, I’ll show them how to take care of it.

Invisible Nylon Zipper4

Clothing zipper is a very common product in our life, and its function is quite large. But in normal use, there are many places to pay attention to, such as whether there are abdominal cracks, tooth loss, tilting and other problems on the Resin Plastic Zipper of the clothing. If people have these problems, they should fix them in time. Don’t pull them hard. If people find the hidden zipper is loose, tap the zipper head with a small hammer. This is to make the teeth of the upper and lower zippers bite tighter so that no teeth fall out. Aluminum alloy clothing zippers are more prone to corrosion. At this time, care should be taken to keep it dry and not wet to prevent the aluminum teeth from producing white oxides. Long-term use may rust and affect use. At the same time, care should be taken not to contact alkaline and acidic substances. Therefore, in order to prolong its service life, garment zippers should generally be kept in good condition.

Our zipper for sewing is true to color and it will surely complement all your craft and sewing projects. Its design is simple and practical, it matches easily your project needs

In addition, clothing zippers also have a lot to pay attention to in daily storage. People should keep it windy, they shouldn’t seal it, or put it in a water-filled environment. Use moisture-proof paper or a dehumidifier if necessary. When the Resin Teeth Plastic Zipper gets wet, it dries when people pull it up. Then, put some wax on the teeth of the zipper and bake it with fire. Very lubricating when used. To pull, align the teeth on both sides first, then hold the zipper pull and gently pull forward along the track. If they’re not flexible, they can wipe it off with a cloth and then apply a layer of wax to their teeth. The above is the maintenance method, of course, there will be many common problems in use. For example, what should be paid attention to when using garment zippers? Don’t push too hard. When using bushings and sockets, insert the bushing into the bottom of the socket cavity before pulling the slider.

Pvc Zipper Roll4

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