The Modification Of The Truck Air Conditioner Is Naturally Favored

In the hot summer, what made the younger lady relied on it and did not want to leave for a long time? Is it a handsome guy? Is it a charming man? No, it is air conditioning!Early truck air conditioners are not well, cooling basically depends on “wind”For the early truck air conditioners, except for the word “furnishing”, I couldn’t think of other more suitable words to describe it.For us in the early days of reform and opening up, it is a luxury. It is firstly used on the domestic cars. As for the truck, it is said that Steyr can choose a cool and warm air conditioning system. This may be the earliest air conditioner on domestic trucks.The original truck air conditioner at that time can only work normally within a short time after the new truck was bought, and the refrigeration effect is also very general. Most of the original truck air conditioners are easy to break, and soon it becomes a decoration.At that time, the only way to cool down on the truck was “wind” – to open the window when driving to cool down. However, the cooling method of “wind” cannot be overwhelmed after all. When we on the truck in the summer, we are still sweating (not only on the back, but the place where we touch the seats are basically wet). One generation of drivers wiped a towel on the neck in the summer and wiped sweat at any time. When the traffic jam or the speed is slow, sitting in the cab is really no different from the steamer. Especially when the climbing is re-loaded, the speed is very slow, and only the “enthusiasm” and roar from the engine from the bottom of the cab.

The premise of the “wind” cooling method of the windows open is a certain speed of the truck, so that the truck must have a certain speed in order to obtain a certain relative air flow rate. It proves that there are more fuel consumption increased by high -speed driving windows than air conditioning.

The origianl air conditioner is not powerful, and the modification is popular

The original air conditioner is not good, and the modification of the truck air conditioner is naturally favored. It makes the repair masters earn a lot on the air conditioner installation project each year.In the beginning, it was an evaporator unit that was installed near the seat under the center console, and there were also center consoles near the co -pilot. This kind of air conditioner is like a VCD box. The cooling effect was much better than the original air conditioner at that time, and the failure rate was not so high.

The temperature in summer is getting higher and higher, and the refrigeration effect of the evaporator unit can’t meet the demands of the drivers. Just make a car version of the “wall-mounted” air conditioner! This hook -up refrigeration pipeline and line are exposed directly in the cab, and it should be punching at the bottom of the cab. However, this hang -up air conditioner is with much larger power than that of the evaporator unit. Of course, the cooling effect is another step.When re -loading the hill, the loss of the power consumption of the engine can still be obviously felt. The speed of the air conditioner can be increased by one or two hundred turns, so that when the slope is slightly steeper, the air conditioner must be used in advance.

The engine power becomes larger, the original air conditioner is cool enough

As the engine displacement gradually increases, the power reserve of domestic heavy trucks has been increased a lot compared to the previous. From 10 liters, 11 liters to 12 liters, to 13 liters now, the cooling effect of the original air conditioneris tht not only the cool, but it can really be cold.

Parking and rest need the air conditioner work, parking air conditioners rise

Although the original air conditioner can fully meet the needs of the driver during the driving process, the original air conditioner can only bring coolness when the engine is running. Sometimes it is inevitable to park in the truck due to waiting unloading, loading, traffic jam, etc. When people rest, the hostel sometimes delays some timing of loading and unloading. In addition, in this low -freight environment, it can save many drivers for eating and accommodation.In the hot summer, after a period of exposure, the temperature in the driving room can reach to 40 or 50 degrees. The idle air -conditioning sleep is not be able to draw for domestic drivers, so the parking air conditioner appears.Parking air conditioning uses the vehicle battery power supply, which can continue to refrigerate for 3 to 8 hours, which can meet the driver’s needs for parking and rest. At the same time, it is not only low in use costs for long -term idle speed. The accumulation of carbon produced during idle speed and some wear due to insufficient lubrication conditions (such as supercharger wear, piston ring wear, motor oil consumption, etc.).


In the 40 years of reform and opening up, the comfort of domestic heavy trucks has been greatly improved, especially in the past ten years, the increase in the increase of domestic heavy truck comfort is really amazing. Truck air conditioners are just one of the epitome. Although there is still a large gap in terms of comfort, power, vehicle matching level, etc., still run faster than others. In the end,  will catch up with them one day!

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