What Is The Difference Between Kiss Cut And Die Cut Printify?

Kiss-Cut Stickers: Learn the Difference Between Kiss-Cut and Die-Cut

Stickers have become a popular way to add a personal touch to everything from laptops to water bottles. When creating stickers, you can use different cutting methods to achieve different effects. Two common cutting methods are kiss cutting and die cutting, each with unique advantages and applications. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between kiss-cut stickers and die-cut stickers, and how they are used in the printing industry, specifically with Printify.

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Kiss cut stickers

Kiss-cut stickers are created by cutting the sticker material while leaving the backing intact. This allows the sticker to peel easily from the backing without any excess material surrounding the design. The kiss-cut method is ideal for intricate designs and smaller quantities because it allows for precise cuts around the edges of the design without the need to cut backing material.

One of the main advantages of kiss-cut stickers is their versatility. They can be used for a wide range of applications, from branding and promotional purposes to personal use. Additionally, kiss-cut stickers are often used for custom stickers where multiple designs are printed on a single sheet of paper and individually kiss-cut for easy removal.

Die cut stickers

Die-cut stickers, on the other hand, cut through the sticker material and backing to create a custom shape around the design. This method is typically used for larger quantities and standard shapes, as it allows for efficient mass production of stickers of consistent shapes and sizes.

Die-cut sticker are popular for branding and marketing purposes because they can be produced in large quantities and are suitable for outdoor use due to their durability. They are also commonly used in product labels, packaging, and other commercial applications that require specialized surface treatments.

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Difference Between Kiss Cutting and Die Cutting

The main difference between kiss-cut stickers and die-cut stickers is the cutting process and intended use. Kiss-cut stickers are more suitable for intricate designs and smaller quantities, while die-cut stickers are suitable for mass production and standard shapes. Additionally, kiss-cut stickers are often used for custom stickers, while die-cut stickers are often used for commercial and promotional purposes.

Printify and cutting methods

When it comes to printing stickers, Printify offers kiss-cut and die-cut options to suit different needs and preferences. With Printify, users can choose the cutting method that best suits their design and intended use. Whether you’re creating custom stickers using kiss-cut stickers or producing large quantities of die-cut stickers for branding and marketing purposes, Printify provides the flexibility and quality you need in sticker printing.

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