What is Sportswar? Winner of the best sports building award

Will Sportswar be the new disruptor for sports development?

Will Sportswar be the new disruptor for sports development?

Currently, with the development of technology, as people become more and more aware of the need of sports, various foundations are selecting the best innovative projects building and developing around sports, and providing large amounts of funding to them.

The Global Sports Development Foundation recently published a list of their most promising sport related projects. SPORTSWAR IS THE WINNER

In the growing maturity of blockchain and all things related to it, Sportswar is an innovative blockchain project that incorporates NFT, DEFI, WEB3, and quizzes to provide a meeting place for all sports fans.

In other words –

Sportswar is a fair, innovative, community-based blockchain Quiz-2-Earn platform based on sports.

Today, geopolitical conflicts are a regular occurrence around the world. Sportswar’s vision is that wars only happen friendly on the sports field and the holy light of peace shines on the world. Sportswar allows users to earn money by participating in sports events with the reward of liquidity mining.

The SPORTSARS idea came from community members who share a common belief. The founding team spent a year and a half building the entire protocol to ensure that SPORTSWAR’ platform had the following features:

1. The most innovative way to play NFT.

One of the goals of Sportswar is to make sports accessible to all sports fans around the world. Some underprivileged children and youth want the opportunity to play sports globally, but circumstances do not allow them to do so. At SPORTSWAR, Soccer NFT will help overcome these barriers. BFT casting uses internet technology to bring people from all over the world together to participate in the game. And  SPORTSWAR will create the world’s largest digital sports asset platform. SPORTSWAR will partner with soccer clubs, non-profits, charities, sports influencers and other relevant organizations to create a range of assets including NFT, DEFI, and quizzes for the global sports community.

2. The fairest token distribution mechanism for the community.

SPORTSWAR demonstrates through its activities that sports, and the community, should be fair to all; this is SPORTSWAR’s commitment.

3. The most fun and informative quiz game.

Backed by a wide range of partnerships, SPORTSWAR’s quiz games are not only fun but rewarding.

4. Sustainable Development and Operation

SPORTSWAR provides a no-holds-barred platform where NFT, blockchain and the latest technologies make it possible for everyone to participate in sports in their lives. What’s more, the profits belong to everyone.

For more information about the project, please visit their website, Discord or Twitter

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