What Is Psychology? Leading Psychology Blog Provides Wealth Of Information To Answer This Question

Whatpsychologyis.com, a leading psychology blog site dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the various fields and aspects of psychology, is dedicated to educating the public on the field of psychology and answering the question:  What is Psychology?

The Psychology Blog homepage offers a thorough definition of psychology, providing background information regarding the field and setting the stage for the rest of the blog site.  By clicking on the Blog tab, visitors can explore a variety of interesting, entertaining, and educational blog topics including:

• Ethics in Psychology
• Best Universities for Psychology in the World
• Best Psychology Schools in Chicago
• Best Psychology Books
• Psychology of Serial Killers
• American Psychological Association

The blog’s Types tab offers detailed explanations of the various psychology fields and disciplines such as family, animal, behavioral, clinical, gestalt, humanistic, and the psychology of games, attraction, eating and fear, among others.  The blog site also features a Careers tab that provides information on various types of psychology-based careers beyond those of a traditional psychologist or psychiatrist.  Interesting and rewarding careers in criminal psychology, industrial organization psychology, clinical psychology, and neuropsychology are also presented.

For example, the blog titled Clinical Psychology Definition and Introduction defines this branch of psychology as one that specializes in assessing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental disorders in people. Clinical psychology is one of the broadest sub-fields in the overall discipline of psychology.

For someone considering a career in social psychology, the blog titled A Career in Social Psychology describes the field of social psychology, the education required to pursue a career as a social psychologist, and the various career options that are available.

For anyone interested in pursuing a career in psychology, Psychology Blog is a valuable and important resource filled with a wealth of educational material.  For people curious or interested in learning more about the field, they can discover a variety of interesting articles and blogs.

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