offers polygraph lie detection services and lie detector services in Britain

04 May, 2016 – Lie Detector Test Limited, the official partner of the popular British Polygraph Institute, which is a huge organization that provides high end and accurate polygraph examinations in and around the Britain region, offers lie detector services and lie detection services to help people prove their innocence and find the right culprit.  

According to the site link at, one would be able to know that they have a team of well trained professional polygraph examiners with the required experience which is approved by both the American Polygraph Association and the British Polygraph Institute. They specialize in dealing with cases related to company frauds, relationship issues, truth confirmation and theft and make sure that their clients don’t wait for a long time for the results. As their examiners have dealt with thousands of lie detection tests, they can handle any assignments with ease with utmost confidence. These lie detector services are a best choice for businesses such as security firms, retailers, courier companies, car trading firms, transport services and banks.

When looking at the site of one would be able to know that with many years of experience, they are able to understand how it feels when hearing a lie or the feel when somebody tries to cheat or accuses of doing a wrong deed. Be it a simple family feud or a big fraudulent case or a scam, they strive to detect the lies said by a person by using advanced methods and equipments to detect the lies with great accuracy. They maintain extreme confidentiality and secrecy when dealing with some of the most intimate and sensitive cases. They also help in finding out the important evidences in cases of cheating partners or spouses. They specialize in offering true facts that are highly accurate by utilizing cutting edge technology. They have team of well trained professional polygraph experts who perform examinations or hold tests to derive the best output.

Lie detection tests are of various types and each serves a specific purpose. The examiner would have a set of unique questions by performing a detailed research about the crime. The examiner has the expertise to identify the truth by noting down the reactions shown by a person while answering to these questions. Another type is the polygraph test that would reveal more details about a person. It is also possible to track the past criminal records of a person very effectively. This is highly helpful during the process of recruitment as such background checks make sure the right personnel is chosen for the job position.


The lie detection examinations offered by helps in bringing out the truth to make even a tough situation very clear. They make use of scientific lie detectors backed by advanced technology to provide the best results with 95% to 98% accuracy rate. As they have offices in almost all regions across Britain, their services can be availed easily.

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