What are the types of toilets? How to choose different types of toilets?

When decorating our home, we always struggle with which type of toilet (toilet) to purchase, because different toilets have different characteristics and advantages. When choosing, we need to carefully consider the type of toilet. I believe many users do not know how many types of toilets there are, so what types of toilets are there? What are the characteristics and advantages of each type? Don’t worry, the Lightning Home Repair Network will explain it carefully for everyone. Let’s take a look together.


Introduction to Toilet Types

1. Toilets can be divided into connected and separated types based on the type of bathroom. This classification method is the most commonly used toilet classification method. The integrated toilet combines the water tank and seat, making it easy to install and aesthetically pleasing in appearance; The split toilet is designed with a separate water tank and seat, making installation and maintenance simple and more traditional.

2. Back row and bottom row: According to the sewage discharge method of the bathroom, the bathroom can be divided into back row and bottom row. The rear bathroom is also known as a wall or horizontal layout. Most of these toilets are installed against the wall. If the sewage discharge outlet is inside the wall, the rear toilet is more suitable; The lower toilet, also known as the floor or vertical toilet, has a sewage discharge outlet on the ground.

3. Flushing type and siphon type are divided into flushing type and siphon type according to the water circuit of the bathroom. Flush toilet is the most traditional toilet. At present, many mid to low end toilets in China use the impulse of water flow to directly discharge pollutants; The siphon toilet uses the siphon effect formed by flushing water in the sewage pipeline to discharge pollutants. It is both quiet and quiet to use.

4. Floor mounted and wall mounted: According to the installation method of the bathroom, it can be divided into floor mounted and wall mounted. The floor type bathroom is a regular bathroom, which is directly fixed to the ground during installation; The wall mounted bathroom is designed with a wall mounted installation method. Because the water tank is hidden on the wall, wall mounted toilets are also called wall mounted toilets.

The key points for choosing different toilets are as follows:


1. Connected toilets and split toilets.

The choice of a split toilet or a connected toilet mainly depends on the size of the toilet’s space. Split toilets are generally suitable for toilets with larger spaces; The connected toilet can be used regardless of space size, with a beautiful appearance, but the price is relatively expensive.

2. The first thing to determine for the rear and bottom row types is whether to buy a wall drain or a floor drain. When purchasing the rear toilet, the height between the Centre-to-centre distance and the ground is generally 180mm, and the distance between the Centre-to-centre distance and the wall, i.e. the pit distance, is generally 305mm and 400mm.


3.When choosing which type of toilet to flush or siphon, the first consideration should be the discharge method of sewage. Flushing type is more suitable for rear sewage toilets, with high flushing noise; The siphon type is more suitable for urinals, with low noise and high water consumption.

4. Purchase floor and wall mounted

When using floor mounted toilets, attention should be paid to sewage discharge and drainage methods. It is recommended to choose a wall style bathroom in the small bathroom area of the family, with a fashionable appearance, convenient cleaning, and no sanitary blind spots. However, the quality and technical requirements of wall mounted toilets are high, so the price is relatively expensive. It is not recommended to purchase a regular brand, as it may be more troublesome if there is water leakage.

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