How about a hidden water tank toilet? Can it be installed in the bathroom? What issues need to be considered?

There are many forms of toilets at present, and the most common one is a toilet with a water tank at the back. But there is also a hidden toilet with a rear water tank. Many manufacturers promote that hidden toilets take up little space and are flexible to use. So, what issues should we consider when choosing a hidden toilet? Using the following questions as an example, we will introduce the specific issues of hidden toilets in the Home Miscellaneous Forum.

Can the toilet be equipped with a hidden water tank?

Can the toilet in the bathroom be equipped with a hidden water tank type toilet? The personal opinions provided by the Home Furnishing Forum are completely optional. A hidden water tank toilet, also known as a wall mounted or floor mounted toilet. Why do you say that? Firstly, let me introduce the advantages of a hidden water tank toilet compared to traditional toilets.

What are the advantages of a hidden water tank toilet?

① The hidden water tank toilet occupies relatively less space. Because the water tank on its back is hidden in the wall, what is exposed is only the body of the toilet, so compared to traditional toilets, it will save 200mm-300mm of space.

② The sound of the water flow is very low. Due to the fact that we hide the water tank inside the wall, the sound of water flow, also known as the sound of water flow inside the tank, is almost inaudible. Additionally, there is not too much flushing noise, which is also very good.

③ It can achieve drainage on the same layer. For example, if we commonly use a toilet shift, we can use it, which avoids raising the ground or installing a toilet shifter, and is also very convenient.

④ Strong cleaning ability. Because this type of toilet generally combines the characteristics of direct flush quick flush and siphon strong flush, it has strong sewage discharge capacity. Easy to clean, not easy to leave a hygienic dead corner.

What are the drawbacks of a hidden water tank toilet?

① The price of a hidden water tank toilet is much higher compared to a regular toilet. That is to say, the price of this toilet is relatively expensive. Generally speaking, the water tank and toilet are calculated separately, and its total price is twice or even three times that of a regular toilet.

② The quality and technical requirements for toilets are relatively high. The key point here is that the quality of the water tank and its internal flushing facilities must be passed. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome if it breaks down and leaks after being installed and used for a short period of time.

③ Due to the hidden water tank, maintenance is troublesome. If there is a problem with the toilet that needs to be repaired, we need to leave an access hole. However, during the maintenance process, it is usually difficult for us to operate it ourselves by saving professional personnel to come and inspect it.

What are the issues to consider when choosing a hidden water tank toilet?

Due to the difference between a hidden water tank toilet and a regular toilet, the entire toilet is embedded with a water tank inside the wall after our decoration is completed. So for the installation of this type of toilet, we must consider the following three issues.

① The water tank is embedded in the wall. If the water tank is damaged, how to repair it. When purchasing an embedded water tank toilet, it is important to ask clearly about this point. The key is to ask how the after-sales repair of the toilet is carried out and what is the method of repair. Another personal suggestion is that you must purchase high-quality toilets of this type to avoid malfunctions that may affect their use.

② We also need to consider building a wall inside the bathroom when using a hidden water tank toilet. Because the masonry of this wall will inevitably occupy the original space of our bathroom, it is necessary to consider how to build this wall before purchasing, and whether it is necessary to dismantle the load-bearing wall and damage the house structure. Additionally, it depends on how our drainage system is connected, and only when these conditions are met can we make a purchase.

③ We also need to consider whether installation is very troublesome and related issues of cost. As the concealed Flush toilet, in addition to using the reserved outlet, it is also necessary to find a straight riser to install a tee, so whether the installation of the toilet can meet the requirements and is troublesome should be considered. In addition, everyone should also consider the specific cost of the toilet, which includes the cost of the toilet body and water tank combined. So we need to consider these issues comprehensively.

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