Webit and global thought leaders team up to fight the covid19 coronavirus and Icelandic biotech firm AEgissonbiotech.life announces its launch

Webit and global thought leaders team up to fight the covid19 coronavirus and Icelandic biotech firm AEgissonbiotech.life announces its launch
Last Friday 6th of march Dr Plamen russev sent out an email to many of the top thought leaders and innovators of the world that have been associated with Webit in the past asking them to join in on their efforts to find a solution for the covid19 outbreak and to help brainstorm on how to minimize the spreading of the virus and aid the population of the world in containing the virus only a few responded to the call so far but one corporation from Iceland has great ambitions and new information.

Kristinn Spence the serial entrepreneur and innovator considered to be in the top 200 of innovating minds worldwide in emerging technology responded to the call and has shown his intent to join the covid19 action team and expressed interest in creating and leading one of the strategic teams on how to innovate new ways of containing the outbreak while minimalizing the public disorder and reducing the spread of the virus efficiently.

The action team that is being created will boast of some of the greatest innovative minds of the world today and a new forum has been announced under the umbrella of the Webit conventions that will focus on health and safety.

A new biotech firm focused on the covid19 and coronavirus research and the strategic implementation defining of what innovative care can be taken to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus is being registered in the UK under the name AEgisson Biotech and will have a research branch in Mumbai the biotech firm is being started by the entrepreneur and former crypto-millionaire Kristinn Spence while their main efforts will focus on innovating new anti-spreading measures and developing strategies to do so then they will also research finding the common identifications on the coronaviruses and how they can use RNA silencing techniques to bioengineer the immune system itself against those viruses in the future according to Kristinn Spence’s research article posted on the internet where he explains how people need to wake up and start to fight all of the viruses instead of developing vaccines for only one of them which takes much more time and that researchers should instead focus on creating a universal vaccine the website for the corporation is at www.AEgissonbiotech.life and is are they opening their doors to any innovators and researchers wanting to join in the global effort to fight the virus as well as other future generations of super viruses.

The previous article that was written by Kristinn Spence on gene editing the immune system and how RNA silencing that has been tested in plants could possibly be used to create a universal vaccine can be found here:


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