Watch and Stay Updated on Major Sports Leagues with Kikoff App

It was really hard for the global sports community when COVID-19 turned into a pandemic last year as it has turned everyone’s life around. Sports teams stopped playing and training, sports venues have shut down, also, sports fans went full melancholy mode. 

And now that some countries are gradually recovering from the effects of the pandemic, sports coverage is coming back to life. Sports venues like courts, arenas, and stadiums are also allowing a limited number of audiences to watch the game up close and personal.

But of course, as for the international fans and for those who have health vulnerabilities, watching the games live seems unfeasible. So, they just have to watch the games via television or online.

And here’s where the dilemma starts for international fans: most of the games of major sports leagues are not available in some world regions. So unfortunately for them, they just get updates from the news- after the games. If they get lucky, which rarely happens, television networks might get the streaming rights of these games for the international fans to watch.

These scenarios are frustrating for the sports fans as the sports community is well-known for their over-the-top gestures in supporting their favorite teams and athletes. 

Good news is, these supportive and loyal international fans’ biggest desire to watch the games real-time is very much possible.

Introducing: The Kikoff app

There are a lot of international sports fans who are eager to catch and watch the live games of major sports leagues like The Premier League, NBA, La Liga, and many more.

So to grant these fans’ wishes, Kikoff is here to confer the international fans’ dedication. 

Kikoff is a sports streaming service that allows online users to watch sports leagues wherever they are, for free. Not only that, Kikoff is potentially every sports fan’s best friend as it allows them to stay updated on the standings and upcoming games of their favorite leagues and teams.

All the users have to do is go to Kikoff’s website and scan the QR code or click the ‘download’ button to install the app. After that, launch the app and register to make an account. Just wait for the verification code, then after confirming the code, the app is now ready to use.

Now, anyone can enjoy watching major sports leagues’ games wherever they are with the new Kikoff app.

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