Wake Counseling & Mediation, Provider of Counseling Services for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Opens a New Location in Cary, North Carolina

In a bid to ensuring counseling services for mental health & substance abuse get to as many as possible, the management of Wake Counseling & Mediation has decided to expand their services by setting up a new location in Cary NC. The opening of this new location will provide services for individual counseling, couples therapy and family therapy.

As with other location in Holly Springs, where Wake Counseling & Mediation is situated, this new location will offer within the confines of its office a variety of therapy services including one on one appointments in a relentless and passionate attempt to make sure professional mental health care and support, get to as many as possible that are in need of it within the community.

“We are a team of dedicated mental health professionals with a primary goal of providing counseling services to all, helping people both young and mature develop life coping skills to help them live healthily”, said Manpreet Lehal, Wake Counseling & Mediation’s therapist, and founder.

Ensuring awareness on mental health care permeates across the community is one of the major objectives of Wake Counseling & Mediation. And as one of its services, the organization provides therapy for couples to help them surmount any challenges marriage life and life in general, may throw at them.

Ways to cope with grief or life transitions are a few examples of the things which the organization educates couples on. Also, the organization can offer the services of a certified mediator to play the role of a neutral in cases of divorce or separation to help remedy such situations, making the organization a reliable assistant or solution provider to family issues.

Child counseling and teen therapy is also part of the services which the organization offers which helps in providing solutions to the numerous challenges which teenagers and young children are faced with. From bullying to anxiety, child abuse, and trauma, teen depression, ADD/ADHD, and behavioral issues.

In summary, the organization is renowned for providing counseling for severe mental health related situations, addiction and substance abuse, relationship and family problems, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, behavioral issues, personal growth and professional development, etc.

About Wake Counseling & Mediation:

We are an organization that is passionate about mental health care and inclined to provide counseling to people with varying degree of life challenges ranging from substance abuse to marital problems.

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