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Omni GENEius™ will be displaying its range of unique and award-winning Mass Market Games at the “HOME & GIFT” Buyers’ Festival. Sponsors for Product Category: Toys & Games.

London, United Kingdom – July 10, 2017 – OMNI GENEius Limited,  a company with a great passion for philanthropy and developing younger generations announced today the launching of new products. These new products will be displayed at the HOME & GIFT Buyers’ Festival from 16 to 19 July 2017 at Hall Q – Stand Q82. HOME & GIFT Buyers’ Festival is the retailers’ favourite buying event – a destination for new products and fresh ideas in the beautiful market town of Harrogate, UK. People will be allowed to roll a dice or two and check out OMNI GENEius range of unique and award-winning Mass Market Games during this period. The new products by OMNI GENEius fall into different categories which include Family Board Games, Sports Board games, Strategic Games, Wooden Blocks Toys, Puzzle Games and Memory Games.

OMNI GENEius is made up of creative innovators and solution-finders at heart and mind. The company is dedicated to helping in bring out the innate passion for learning, intelligence, and fun that’s in everyone’s genes by creating unique and innovative products that improve IQ levels, for both children and adults. These products are energetic, challenging and innovative and help to optimize learning via play, motivation, and positive affirmations.

Shalin Pinto, one of the spokespersons of Omni GENEius™ said “Unlike many other board games one of the key features of Omni GENEius products is the motivational rewarding system (stars/medals) also known as the “Omnicians Program”. This gives the players a sense of true achievement. We have something for most age groups, Kids to Grownups, with tons of Joy, Intelligence and Simplicity packed in it. We are a pure innovation company dedicated to discovering new concepts and developing original products for our customers, launching new and evolutionary merchandise via a combination of in-house design and new pioneers joining us.”

The new products launched by OMNI GENEius include:

Fun Genes – This is an evolutionary wooden block set for creative play, story-telling, imagination development with a unique Write-a-build concept. The set contains 40 Wooden Blocks with 240 Ideas and 20+ educational & creative Subjects embedded in them. The blocks are elegantly made with high graphic detail that will leave the game player with a WOW! (Ages 3+).

Smarty Genes – This is an abstract and advanced wooden block set for creative play, mini puzzles, learning patterns, story-telling, imagination development with a unique Write-a-build concept. The set contains 38 Wooden Blocks with 184 Ideas and 15+ creative concepts embedded in them. The blocks are elegantly made with high graphic detail that will make the game player fall in love with them, (Ages 3+).

OMNI WITS – This is a fun-filled educational game for 1 to 6 Players. It helps the player to learn shapes and colours in a joyful way; the game also seeks memory recall, concentration improvement, and witty moves. A game with various levels of play for kids and it has fast-paced advanced levels for grown-ups. The game is guaranteed to keep the player amazed throughout the game. This is an exciting game for Schools, Families, Parties & more, (Ages 4+).

FOOTY SMART – This is a fun-filled and fast-paced realistic football education board game like never before. The game is played by 2 players’, or as a 4-player co-op game. It is an open-ended football educational game that teaches the player to play as a team in a fun way. Footy Smarty is designed on a unique diamond shaped grid that provides ample space to manoeuvre on the board for realistic football/soccer scenarios – a new patent-pending perspective grid to play board games on, (Ages 6+).

OMNI TACT – This is an Iconic & evolutionary game for Strategy game players, an evolutionary game of Patriotic Defence with exponential strategic options consisting of 12 simple to advanced missions. Easy to play yet very advanced in strategy. The game is ethically designed and positively themed around rescue, protect & defend. Played by 2 players’, or as a 4-player co-op game, the board has a unique diamond shaped grid of 161 Spaces with 17 Pieces per side – a new patent-pending perspective to play board games on, (Ages 6+).

Tressy Pinto one of the spokespersons of Omni GENEius™ concluded “We focus on encouraging creativity and thinking in play, with the aim of advancing new generations of people to becoming more inventive, intelligent and productive. Our two key beliefs are that every child has infinite potential, and what you love and see is what you learn. Our methods of working and our products developed will complement education at schools and colleges, in an ethical, social and advanced way. Our customers understand the importance of investing in our younger generations, with products that aid learning, intelligence, and confidence from an early stage.”

About Omni GENEius™

Omni GENEius™ is a family start-up based in the UK with a diverse team and a global mindset. The company was founded and incorporated in the UK in July 2015 and expanded to Hong Kong in September 2015. The aim of Omni GENEius™ is to revive traditional play of board games & toys in an evolutionary way with a combination of Social health solutions through unique gaming programs.

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