Waist Belt Trimmer Sale Ending Soon Announces EzyFit

17 for 17 Sale by Waist Belt Trainer Manufacturer Set To End

In a statement today by waist belt trimmer manufacturer EzyFit, they announced that their Spring sale event called 17 for 17 was nearly at its conclusion. The sale which has been running a discounted price for their waist belt of $17.00, a 57% discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price), may even have to end early due to being sold out.

Jessica Shawe, spokesperson for EzyFit explained, “It has been a great promotion and a huge success. We were trying to reach those people who were looking to lose those few inches or pounds in readiness for the warmer summer months. The waist belt can be a great incentive for people who need to see results quickly. Many people start out with good intentions but if they don’t see results they get discouraged and ultimately end up giving up the battle. What our waist belt can help to do is give that little extra help. It can be the difference between keeping going, or quitting. And usually when people see some results, they keep going.”

The EzyFit Waist belt trainer is a wide belt of neoprene that fits around the tummy and fastens in place with streamline Velcro fasteners. It can be worn under clothing during the day whist going about the daily routine or whist walking, jogging, running or working out. The snug fit causes what people have nicknamed, ‘the mobile sauna’ effect. The heat trap it creates using your own body heat help to metabolize fatty deposits, helping to produce results faster.

Jessica Shawe continued, “We would like to thank everybody that has made this promotion such a success and hope that all our new customers will persevere and get to the end result they are looking for. We know how much the waist belt can help but rather than blow our own trumpet, Id like to let our existing customers have the last word. We have nearly two thousand reviews now on our Amazon listing so i would let them have the last word.”

Here are some of the most recent comments that they are saying;

I love the EzyFit waist trimmer belt. I wear it while doing housework and by the time I am finished vacuuming, I am sweating under the belt. I am trying to tighten and tone my muffin top and really think this belt is awesome. You are sweating and burning calories without even thinking about it.” BSK, April 2016

This thing is amazing!!!! I wear it every time I workout. When I take it off my stomach is nice and sweaty, I can feel the inches melting off.” IF, April 2016

“I have never used one of these before and I am impressed! Its very good quality material. Very soft. I have worn this all day at work and it doesn’t irritate or get uncomfortable. I love how much better my posture is with it on. I have back problems and it makes my back feel so much better. Now you will definitely sweat! But that is the purpose. A couple if days of using this and you will definitely see a difference!!! Its not a miracle worker, but definitely aids in the process of losing inches!!!” C, April 2016

Easy, works as expected. Helping me burn that belly fat at the gym with half as much effort, and twice the results. This is a great product for those of you who work out often but still have some belly fat that just doesn’t want to budge.” B, April 2016″

The EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited period the waist belt trimmer may be purchased at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price).


EzyFit is manufacturer and distributor for the EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer. The product may be found for sale exclusively on Amazon USA.

For further information please visit their website at www.ezyfit.me

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