RFID Blocking Wallet Reaches 150 Reviews on Amazon; Hugh B Hamilton Announces Milestone

5 Stars Rated Designer Wallet with Built In Credit Card RFID Protection Gets Thumbs Up From Customers

In a statement today by manufacturer Hugh B Hamilton, they announced how pleased they were to reach the 150 review mark on Amazon USA for their RFID blocking wallet for men and maintain the 5 star rating the designer wallet has received from customers who have bought it.

A spokesperson for Hugh B Hamilton explained, “We are extremely pleased with how our customers have reacted to our wallet. It is vindication for the hard work of all the staff at Hugh B Hamilton from the designers through to the staff at manufacturing right up to the customer service department. Our mission now is to get the message about the threat out to as many people as possible because it is still a problem that many people are unaware of.”

The Hugh B Hamilton RFID blocking wallet is an all leather designer wallet that contains 6 credit card slots, space for ID and a sleeve for cash. In addition to its sleek design it most importantly has inbuilt into its framework the technology required to block the RFID signal that credit cards emit.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is new technology introduced by credit card companies to allow people to make what are commonly known as ‘contactless payments’. These are the payments for small items that you purchase in stores where there is no longer a need to swipe your credit card through a machine and enter a PIN number. The new technology contained in a microchip in your card is designed to emit a constant encrypted signal containing your identification details that the store can pick up using a scanning device.

The problem is that the scanning equipment required to read this signal is available to thieves and it is seemingly not to difficult to have your credit card details stolen should you pass close to someone employing the necessary scanning device. Furthermore, encryption is of no help. Thieves simply transfer the information they have scanned from you passing by onto a blank magnetic strip and create an exact duplicate of your card, encryption and all.

The Hugh B Hamilton RFID blocking wallet has a Faraday Cage built into the wallet design. The wire mesh arrangement that blocks the RFID signal emitted by your credit cards is invisible to the eye and for all intense and purposes you are carrying an attractive all leather wallet, safe in the knowledge that your information is safe from the prying scanners of thieves.

Here are a few comments taken from Amazon reviews about what they think of the RFID blocking wallet for men from Hugh B Hamilton:

Really nice leather high quality wallet. My husband has been using it for a couple months now and really likes it. It stays less bulky than his prior wallet and he feels better about having the RFID protection for our credit and debit cards. Our area has been hit with quite a bit of identity theft so I also feel better with this wallet.”

Very nice looking wallet from “Hugh B. Hamilton”. It comes In a nice box good for gifting, when you first open the box, you will notice the genuine leather smell (not bad in my opinion). This wallet looks very elegant, the logo makes the wallet look very classy and expensive. It is very well stitched, VERY spacious. Has plenty of room for quite a few cards and enough space for bills with a divider, if u decide to separate receipts. Has a flip up pocket for ID or drivers license. cards slide out easily.”

The RFID blocking wallet and purse are essential items these days. You never know if someone is trying to steal your information. This wallet has very high quality material and workmanship, and it is very slim. The leather feel and smell like top grade leather. The beautiful logo “stamped” on the side make it feels very high end product.”


Hugh B. Hamilton are a family firm of manufacturers and distributors of RFID blocking devices including the RFID blocking wallet for men, sold exclusively on Amazon (US) and eBay Australia.

For more information please see the contact details below or go to the website at http://hughbhamilton.com/

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