VRstudios Announces “VRcade Drone Storm” The Newest Full-Motion, Multi-Player VR Game

VRstudios Continues To Offer Sensational New Games To VRcade’s Immersive Platform

VRstudios, the provider of the world renowned VR solutions for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) corporations worldwide, publicized the launch of, “VRcade Drone Storm” which happens to be their latest multi-player, untethered, free-roaming VR game. With the current influx of mechanical drones, this new game offers a competitive twist to arcade shooter games.

Archiact, produced on behalf of VRstudios, the multiplayer version of “VRcade Drone Storm” for a completely wireless VRcade system. Set in a city which has been overrun with attacking mechanized drones, the players of the game are the last defenders. In this high-energy arcade shooter you have to shoot them out of the sky and dodge incoming fire. You get high score by shooting your way through ten enemy waves and dodge rocket attacks in a last stand to defend the city.

The “VRcade Drone Storm” launch adds to an increasing list of interesting VRcade games. For out-of-home attractions such as cinemas, theme parks, casinos, family entertainment center, and other venues, VRstudios builds turnkey entertainment systems with high volume. “These games will turn virtual reality arcades from a novelty experience to a new form of entertainment. This could lead to a resurgence of video game arcades in almost every town in the next few years.” says Joseph Carter, VR Media Manager at YouGoggle.

About VRstudios:

VRstudios is the leading global solutions organization for location-based entertainment businesses in the VR industry. The VRstudios is a one-stop-shop that makes it easier for owners and operators to offer inventive virtual reality attractions to their guests, and this is achieved by selling complete solutions that ready-to-install and easily operated. In 2014, VRstudios was established as the pioneer organization to provide out-of-home completely immersive VR with wireless and untethered, free-roaming, multi-player functions.

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