LOTUSTAXPRO Focuses on Corporate Social Responsibilities

As it launches its Student’s Scholarship Fund

LOTUSTAXPRO a multi-faceted Tax company is pleased to announce that it is expanding its goodwill campaign in the community by launching a scholarship fund.  This program is intended to benefit the immediate community that LOTUSTAXPRO serves as well as their partners’respective communities around the country.

“Whenever you are making a direct impact in anyone’s life, particularly, in this case, the lives of our customers and their families, it’s something you’ve got to be excited about. We’re very pleased and are extremely excited about that” said Joe w. Joseph, President and CEO of LotustaxPro.

The Scholarship

The Scholarship will be of immense benefit to the whole community. (1) The scholarship fund will be made available to college students facing hardships and students entering community colleges, universities, approved trade schools, and apprentice programs that guaranteed paying and well-salaried jobs. (2)  A bulk of the scholarship fund will go to recipients who failed at the collegiate level and are now pursuing a trade skill through an approved trade or vocational school. Scholarship recipients will be based on partners’ demographics and clientele nationwide.

Funding the Scholarship

The Scholarship program will be funded wholly by LotustaxPro and its partners. Our partners are tax professionals, tax offices, tax preparers and accounting firms who procure their professional tax software from our company. Scholastic Funds are then funneled to our partners’ respective communities.

About LotustaxPro

LotustaxPro is a company that offers tax preparation services, service bureau management, and software solution to tax offices and accounting firms around the country.LotustaxPro has always championed corporate social responsibility (CSR), a wide term used to describe a company’s efforts to improve the society.The company’s social programs include financial support and shipment of medical supplies to clinics, orphanages, and schools in remote areas in third world countries.

LotustaxPro provides only the most innovating, cutting edge, professional tax preparation software in the industry. Partners have the option to choose any of the five most familiarized professional tax software on their website.

The call for more partners

Whether you’re a small tax company or not, or you’re just starting out, we are extending a warm welcome for you to join us in serving the communities that have long supported us. We are one more tax pros away, one more tax office away, and one more accounting firm away in making a significant impact in the lives of our clientele and communities.

Join hand with us. Let’s be the difference we wish to see in our community. One partner at a time – Lotus!

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