Victor Van Bie’uk brings out Lovina – The Barrier Forest – A tale of war, peace and love

Victor Van Bie’uk brings out Lovina - The Barrier Forest - A tale of war, peace and love
What will happen to Balok and Skoviea in the chaotic ordeal between everyone?

The Mythical land of Larmounth, once a unified empire, now with its five empires from the time of “The Split”, is always in a cycle of war and peace, among itself. Unknown to the inhabitants of Larmounth, much more vicious and dangerous enemies lie outside their protective Lar Mountains. This book is the first of the series about the Land of Larmounth, past, present and future.

“Lovina – The Barrier Forrest”, written by Victor Van Bie’uk and published by White Falcon Publishing, chronicles the present-day Larmounthian kingdoms, Valearoniam and Angeardiad, trying to patch up their differences through a martial alliance between prince Zooru’s of Valearoniam and princess Suttichina of Angeardiad. The strange custom of the land forces the royal’s servants to be married along with them. The courtiers in both kingdoms try to ruin this union and use that as a reason to start a war between the empires.

Though ambivalent about their marriage, Zooru’s and Suttichina are forced to work together to unite their lovestruck friends cum servants. Will the Royal couple succeed in their pursuit or the courtiers succeed in pushing the kingdoms into a war?

The book is available for sale in India and internationally on Amazon.

Lovina – The Barrier Forest

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